Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Mail Antivirus

Kaspersky Mail Antivirus is a software for protecting your system from sending and receiving malicious emails comprising viruses and malware. It starts working along with the Kaspersky Endpoint Security and scans the entire email service, including the messages and the files that are downloaded from the mail servers. 

Kaspersky Mail Antivirus
  • If there is no threat detected on the email service, you can continue using the email account or proceed with the system operation after the message ‘Not found’ appears.
  • In case the Antivirus detects any malware program on the email, then the software marks the email message with the status, reading ‘Infected.’
  • The ‘Probably infected’ message appears with a set of codes that indicates the virus that might be in the emails/attachment detected.
  • Following that, the Kaspersky application blocks the email message containing viruses or malware, and a notification appears on the screen indicating the email block.
  • Next, the application tries to fix the problem by executing the action which you have set on the application settings. 
  • The Antivirus tool communicates with the email application on which the email account is configured.
  • The extension of the Kaspersky Antivirus software is available on the Outlook application, which you can use to scan the email messages for viruses and malware. The extension is added to the Outlook mail application when you install the Kaspersky Endpoint Security. 
  • The Kaspersky icon on the computer screen indicates the activity of the application, like the email message scan. By default, the Mail Antivirus is enabled to scan the incoming and outgoing email messages of the email application.
  • If you need to change the settings, launch the Kaspersky security program and click the Settings icon at the bottom. Under Protection, set the security level and the suitable action on threat.