How To Fix Macbook Not Connecting To Wifi?

Macbook Not Connecting To Wifi

Basically Macbook Not Connecting To Wifi, the Wi-Fi connection on your Mac will be disabled due to many reasons like weak network connection, corrupted wireless drives, or damaged Wi-Fi adapters. Without a Wi-Fi connection, you can’t access the internet. So, if your MacBook is not connecting to Wi-Fi, you can trust the solutions given on this page to get the macbook wifi not working issue fixed.

Basic Check-Up: Find to Macbook Not Connecting To Internet

  • Make sure the router is turned ON.
  • Check if the router is connected to the ISP modem.
  • Place the MacBook near your router

Verify The Wi-Fi Connection On MacBook

  • Make sure the router is turned ON and check all the lights are lid.
  • On the Mac computer, click the Apple menu icon and then click System Preferences.
  • Under the Internet & Wireless settings, click Network.
  • Now, a new window opens; click the Wi-Fi option.
  • If the Wi-Fi status is in OFF condition, you can’t connect to the available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Click the Turn Wi-Fi On button.
  • Next, click the Network Name drop-down box and then select your home Wi-Fi network.
  • If you have a secured network connection, type the password and connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Still, if Macbook Not Connecting To Wifi, follow the other methods explained on this page.

Learn To Check Using Wireless Diagnostics

  • Wireless Diagnostics is an in-built Wi-Fi troubleshooting tool on MacBook. Using this tool, you can solve all types of mac wifi not working issues. Perform these steps to fix your Wi-Fi connection issue on your MacBook using Wi-Fi Diagnostics.
  • To open the tool, click the Spotlight search box and then type wireless diagnostics.
  • Select the Wireless Diagnostics tool from the search list.
  • If prompted, enter your administrator login credentials and then click OK.
  • Click the Monitor my Wi-Fi connection radio button and then click Start Over.
  • On the Summary screen, click the info buttons and read the information carefully. Then click Done.
  • Next, take a note of your network SSID and password for future use.
  • Wait until the monitoring process completes; if it finds any issues, it stops the monitoring function.
  • Now you can select the Monitor my Wi-Fi connection or Continue to summary radio button for details.
  • Once the monitoring process is done, the Wi-Fi issue will automatically be fixed on your MacBook.
  • Still, if your macbook not connecting to WiFi network, follow the other method explained on this page.

Quick Way To Update Macbook Software

  • In most cases , the corrupted and outdated wireless drivers cause the Wi-Fi connection, macbook wifi not working.
  • Open the MacBook computer and then click the Apple menu icon on the corner of the screen.
  • Now, select System Preferences and then click Software Update.
  • To update the driver, you have to connect the computer to a wired network. 
  • Wait for few minutes to search for the latest software from the website.
  • Once the latest software is detected, click Update Now.
  • If you have any pending system updates, try to update them.
  • When the software update is complete, restart your MacBook and check if it is connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • If not, change the router and check the wireless network connection.
  • Hopefully, MacBook not connecting to WiFi issue should be fixed successfully.