McAfee Antivirus For Mac

How to use McAfee for Mac?

McAfee Antivirus for Mac offers protection for your data, identity, and privacy on all your devices. It protects your network from malware and blocks risky websites when you’re browsing online. The package also comes with web and email protection against spam and phishing attacks. Features such as the Personal Firewall, Safe Search, Network Manager, and Cross-Device Protection are what makes McAfee Antivirus stand out of the crowd.   

McAfee Antivirus Installation Guide

  • Visit on your web browser.
  • Click My Account Sign In.
  • Enter the Mcafee Antivirus Software for Mac credentials and log in.
  • Select McAfee Internet Security under My Apps.
  • Locate the Download button under the Protect all your devices category.
  • Click it and agree to the terms of the License Agreement.
  • Note down the serial number under the Download button to activate the product.
  • Upon clicking Download, the file is downloaded to the default location.
  • Open the McAfee-MacInstaller-x.x.dmg file and run it.
  • Close the browser to ensure that the plug-in is installed correctly.
  • Double-click the McAfee-MacInstaller icon.
  • Enter your Mac administrator credentials when prompted.
  • Type the verification code in the required field.
  • Wait for the product to be installed.
  • Continue with the on-screen instructions and complete the installation process.
  • Click Mcafee Antivirus for Mac Security icon McAfee Internet Security Preferences Firewall padlock.
  • Enter Mac administrator credentials.
  • Modify the Type from Public to Home or Work under the Type drop-down option.
  • Close the window.  

How to Remove McAfee Antivirus From Mac?

  • Access the uninstaller Clean my PC program with the command: /usr/local/McAfee/uninstallMSC.
  • A Unix shell script runs on the screen.
  • Enter the password when prompted.
  • Or on the Finder menu, head to Folder Application Support McAfee Antivirus for Mac. 
  • Delete file individually and restart the computer.

Why McAfee Keeps Popping Up On Mac?

  • Open the web browser on your Mac.
  • Go to Preferences Security Block pop-up windows

How to Remove McAfee From Mac Menu Bar?

  • Go to System Preferences Users & Groups.
  • Click the Login Items tab.
  • Tap the minus button against McAfee Antivirus Software for Mac Program to delete it.

Why McAfee Update Failed Mac?

  • Head to System Preferences Security & Privacy.
  • If you see any message about the software blocked from loading, click Allow to enable the extension.
  • Click the McAfee Antivirus for Mac menulet on the menu bar.
  • Select McAfee Antivirus LiveSafe Internet Security Console Mac Security Firewall.
  • Tap the lock and enter your password.
  • Modify the Type from Public to Home or Work.
  • Click the lock again and save the changes.
  • Launch Safari Preferences Privacy Manage Website Data.
  • Select Remove All Remove Now Done.
  • Reboot your Mac computer.
Mcafee Antivirus for Mac

Why McAfee Will Not Install On Mac?

  • Navigate to System Preferences Time Machine.
  • Tap the lock icon and type the password. Select Off to turn off the Time Machine.
  • Run the installer again.
  • Disconnect any external devices connected to your Mac computer.
  • Go to System Preferences Printers & Scanners.
  • Turn off the printer.
  • Run the installer again.

  How to Uninstall McAfee Antivirus On Mac?

  • Exit the browser to ensure that the McAfee Antivirus for Mac browser plug-in is removed correctly.
  • Find and open the Applications folder in the Dock.
  • Run the McAfee Internet Security Installer.
  • Hit continue and enter the administrator password.
  • Tap OK Finish.