Mcafee Firewall

Mcafee Firewall

McAfee firewall is used to protect your computer from harmful websites. The McAfee firewall application monitors your system for suspicious activities and protects your system. The McAfee application will block spyware, trojans and key loggers.

Add Exception To Mcafee Firewall

The instructions given below will help you to add exceptions to McAfee Firewall.

  • Launch the McAfee Anti-virus application on your system.
  • Click the Virus & Spyware Protection tab followed by the Scheduled Scans option.
  • Choose the Excluded Files & Folders option.
  • Now a window will appear on the screen and click the Add File button on it.
  • Choose the files or folders you want to exclude and click the Open button.
  • Now the selected files or folders will be excluded.
  • Once the exception process is done, you can use the McAfee antivirus software as per your need.

How To View Mcafee Firewall Log

To view McAfee Firewall Log on your computer, read and proceed with the instructions given below.

  • Switch on your system and go to the My Computer section.
  • Type the %ProgramData%\McAfee\Endpoint Security\Logs keyword in the search field and press the Enter button .
  • Now a list of log files will appear on the screen.
  • Scroll down the screen and choose the McAfee files that you wish to see.
  • Usually, the default installation log files are stored in the TEMP\McAfeeLogs path.

Mcafee Host Intrusion Prevention Firewall Settings

To configure the McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention Firewall settings, perform the guided instructions given below.

  • Launch the McAfee antivirus software on your computer and click the ? icon.
  • Click Menu Policy Policy Catalog.
  • In the Product list, choose the Host Intrusion Prevention : Firewall option and the Firewall Option in the Category section.
  • Now a list of polices will appear on the screen, choose the Firewall Options in the policy list.
  • Click the Edit button in the Actions section and make the required settings as per your need.
  • You can also change the default settings in the Firewall Options page.
  • After making the required changes you need, click the Save button.

How To Turn Off Mcafee Firewall     

  • Make use of the following procedure to turn off the Firewall in McAfee
  • Open the McAfee interface on your computer. 
  • Navigate to the Firewall Settings page in the Settings menu. 
  • Tap the Turn Off option in the proceeding step. 
  • Choose the time limit under the When Do You Want to Resume Firewall option. The default tie to restart is 15 minutes. 
  • Click the Turn Off Firewall option to disable it. 

How Do I Turn Off Mcafee Firewall On Windows 10   

First, go to the official site and download the AVG Antivirus software on your computer.

  • In the search bar of the Start menu, find the McAfee software and select it to open it. 
  • Select the McAfee Total Protection option. Go to the PC Security tab and tap the Real-Time Scanning option. 
  • Disable it and choose a duration from the options displayed. 
  • Access the Firewall tab available on the McAfee screen. Turn it off and then set the time limit. 
  • Similarly, go to Automatic Update page and disable it. 
  • Tap the Scheduled Scan tab and then close the interface. 

How To Unblock Google Chrome From Mcafee Firewall 

  • Open the McAfee interface on your computer. 
  • Go to the Firewall page and select the Settings option. 
  • Choose the Program Accessories option on the next screen. 
  • Find Google Chrome and click on it to select the Delete option. 
  • Click the Add button and choose the path of the Google Chrome browser. Go to User Folder App Data Local Google Chrome Application.
  • Add Chrome and the unblock process is now over.

Does McAfee Disable Windows Firewall   

When McAfee firewall is enabled, it turns off the Windows Firewall. Both these programs have certain advantages, and the user needs to choose one. Unfortunately, both these programs cannot be run at the same time. 

  How To Disable McAfee Firewall 

These are the guidelines to disable McAfee firewall.

  • Open McAfee Antivirus on your computer by double-clicking its icon on the desktop screen.
  • You can also open the McAfee application by clicking the Open McAfee Antivirus option. To view this option, right-click the McAfee application icon on the taskbar. 
  • Click the Navigation option located at the top of the McAfee application window.
  • The Firewall option is located in the Features section. Click it.
  • Click the Turn off option. Choose the time after which you want McAfee firewall to be enabled. Then, click Turn off.
  • Now, the McAfee firewall will be turned off on your computer.

Disable McAfee Firewall Windows 8  

Here are the guidelines to disable McAfee firewall on your Windows 8 computer.

  • If the McAfee application is running on your computer, right-click the McAfee icon on the status bar.
  • Choose the Change settings option and then click Firewall.
  • Click the Turn Off option and then close the McAfee window.
  • Now, the McAfee firewall will be disabled.

How To Remove Mcafee Firewall Windows 10  

Follow the method given below to remove the McAfee Firewall program from your computer.

  • On your computer, select Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs.
  • Select your McAfee Security Center option and then click the Change/Remove button.
  • Checkmark the box next to the VirusScan, Personal Firewall, SiteAdvisor, and SecurityCenter options and then select the Remove button at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Click Remove when you get the ‘Removing these McAfee programs reduces your computer’s protection against security threats’ message on the screen.
  • Wait until the removal process gets over and reboot your PC to remove the McAfee Firewall program entirely from your computer.

How To Uninstall Mcafee Firewall

Carry out the following steps to uninstall the McAfee Firewall program from your computer.

  • Go to Start, select the Settings icon, and click the Apps option.
  • Select the Apps & Features option under the Apps section.
  • Click the McAfee Firewall app and then select the Uninstall button.
  • Click Uninstall for confirmation.

How To Delete Mcafee Firewall

  • Download the McAfee Consumer Product tool from the manufacturer site.
  • Install and run the McAfee Consumer Product (MCPR) tool on your computer.
  • Launch the McAfee Consumer Product tool and then select the Next button.
  • Make sure to select the Agree button when you get the McAfee Software Renewal window on the screen.
  • After accepting the End-User License Agreement, enter the validation code in the appropriate bar.
  • Click the Next button and then select the Restart button when the Removal Complete window appears on the screen.