Mcafee Firewall Mac

Mcafee Firewall Mac

The Mcafee firewall will help you protect your computer from high traffic and virus. Make use of the guidelines that are stated here to configure your Firewall settings and enable it. 

Mcafee Mac Firewall Settings 

The following settings can be configured or modified under the Firewall section of your Mcafee product. 

  • Network connections: With this option, you can modify the Firewall preferences, stealth mode, and block unknown traffic. 
  • Manage Rules: You can also assign rules that will help you handle network traffic. 
  • Advanced Settings: Configure File Transfer Protocol and other traffic-related protocols.

How To Turn On Mcafee Firewall On Mac 

  • Launch the Mcafee Antivirus program on your system. 
  • Click the Mac Security option and then click the Gear icon available at the top part of the screen. 
  • Select the Firewall option. Enable it using the Turn On option. 
  • The firewall on your Mac system is now switched on. 

How To Turn Off McAfee Firewall Mac   

The guidelines to disable McAfee firewall on a Mac computer are given below.

  • Open the McAfee application on your computer and look for the PC Security option. Alternatively, you can also click the cogwheel icon to open the options.
  • Choose the Firewall option on the McAfee application options screen and then click Turn Off.
  • You will have to choose a time period for selecting when you want the firewall service to resume from the drop-down list. Choose the appropriate time period.
  • Click Turn Off.

McAfee Firewall Won’t Turn On Mac   

Here are the guidelines to turn McAfee firewall on a Mac computer if it does not get switched on through the normal method.

  • Open the McAfee application and click the Security icon.
  • Choose the McAfee Internet Security Preferences option. 
  • Select the Firewall icon. Navigate to the padlock icon and click it.
  • Key in your Mac user account credentials. Choose Home or Work from the Type drop-down list.
  • Now, you will be able to turn on Mcafee firewall on your Mac computer.

McAfee Firewall Blocking Printer On Mac 

If the McAfee firewall is blocking the printer on your Mac computer, you can follow these guidelines to fix it.

  • Open the McAfee LiveSafe application on your Mac computer.
  • Click the cogwheel icon at the top and then choose Firewall.
  • Click the padlock icon on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Key in your Mac account credentials to make changes to the Firewall settings.
  • Click the Type drop-down button and select Home or Work from the list. 
  • Now, you will be able to access & view the printer on your Mac computer.