Mcafee Firewall Problems

Mcafee Firewall Problems

The McAfee firewall stops running is a common issue faced by most of the users. You can fix this issue by following the instructions given below.

Mcafee Hips Firewall Not Running 

To troubleshoot the McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention Client (HIPS) firewall not running issue, follow the instructions given below.

  • Enabling HIPS will fix this issue.
  • You can enable HIPS using an ePolicy Orchestrator or the local registry (Regedit.exe).
  • To perform the enable process using the ePolicy Orchestrator, follow the instructions given below.
  • Begin the enable process by log into the ePO console.
  • Click Menu Policy Policy Catalog.
  • Now a list of policy catalogs will appear on the screen, click the  Host Intrusion Prevention x.x.x General  option in the  Product drop-down menu.
  • Similarly, in the Category drop-down menu, choose the  Client UI (Windows)  option.
  • If you wish to change to the policy settings, then click the  Edit Settings  button in the Actions section.
  • Now in the  Troubleshooting tab , click the checkbox next to the  Firewall & IPS logging entries  options. 
  • Click the  Save  button. 

Mcafee Firewall Is Not Responding 

To troubleshoot the McAfee Firewall is not responding issue, follow the instructions given below.

  • First, try to view the entry by log into the EndpointSecurityPlatform_Errors.log  on your McAfee sign folder.
  • If the entry is displayed on the screen, then first, find the certificate linked with the EndpointSecurityPlatform_Errors.log entry.
  • After that, click the Show Advanced option in the Certificate section.
  • If the entry is not displayed on the McAfee screen, then open the Process Monitor Capture and press the Ctrl + L keys on your system’s keyboard.
  • Process Name is mfeconsole.exe Include
  • Process Name is mfecanary.exe Include
  • Process name is mfeesp.exe Include
  • Operation is Process Exit Include
  • Right-click on the first filter and click the Properties option.
  • On the Properties screen, click the Process tab followed by Company.
  • Now look for the entry that is causing the issue.
  • If the issue persists, then contact the McAfee Security supports to fix this problem.

Mcafee Firewall Not Turning On

  • Launch the McAfee software on your computer.
  • Select the PC Security tab and then click the Firewall option on the left panel of the screen.
  • Now, select the ‘Turn it on’ button to enable McAfee Firewall on your computer.
  • If you are not able to resolve the ‘McAfee Firewall not turning on’ problem, restart it.
  • After opening the McAfee software on your PC, select Web and Email Protection -> Firewall.
  • Click the Restore Defaults to restore your McAfee Firewall settings to default.

Mcafee Firewall Not Working

  • Install and run the McAfee Diagnose & Repair tool on your PC.
  • Launch the McAfee Diagnose & Repair tool and then click the Start button to scan your computer.
  • The alternative way to resolve the issue is to enable the Firewall feature on your McAfee software manually.

Mcafee Firewall Will Not Stay On

If the McAfee firewall is blocking the printer on your Mac computer, you can follow these guidelines to fix it.

  • Install the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool on your computer to remove the McAfee Firewall software.
  • The McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool is useful for removing the McAfee Firewall software entirely from the computer.
  • Download and run the Pre-Install tool on your PC.
  • Open the Pre-Install tool and then click the OK when you get the warning message on the screen.
  • Select OK, click Close, and restart your PC.
  • fter restarting your computer, install the McAfee Firewall software.