How To Fix Night Light Not Working Windows 10 Issue?

Night Light Not Working Windows 10

In a day, people spend more than 10 hours using electronic devices. As a result, many health problems are faced by people, and the visual problem is one among them. Many preventive measures are suggested by health care experts to prevent your eyes from digital eye strain. In addition, operating systems like Windows come with a feature that protects you from digital eye strain and improves your sleep quality.This cool feature’s name is “Night Light.” Setting up and using it is a simple and easy task to perform. However, recently, some users have reported that night light not working Windows 10 computer. If you’re also one among them, try the simple and quick troubleshooting methods one by one given below.

Method 1: Modifying The Night Light Schedule Settings

  • On the Settings screen, click the System menu.
  • Now, in the opened window, select the Display option followed by Night Light settings.
  • Make sure that the toggle below the Schedule night light option is set to On.
  • Now, select the Sunset to sunrise or Set hours option as per your preferences.
  • If you have selected the Set hours option, you need to set the turn on or turn off time manually.

Now, check if the night light feature is working on your Windows 10 computer. If not, perform the next method given below.

Method 2: Adjusting The Night Light Strength

  • If the night light feature is set to the minimum range, adjust its strength to increase the intensity of the warm color.
  • On the Display screen, click on the Night Light settings command.
  • Go to the Strength section.
  • Adjust the strength as per your preferences. 

Method 3: Turning On Location Services

For the Night Light feature to work properly, your Windows 10 computer’s location service should be turned on. Check and turn on the location services on your computer by following the instructions below.

  • On the Settings screen, click the Privacy menu.
  • Select the Location option.
  • Now, if the location service is turned off, turn it on by clicking the toggle button below it.

Continue reading the below steps to know how to solve night light not working windows 10 problem.

Method 4: Checking And Modifying Your Computer’s Time & Date Settings

Inaccurate date & time settings might also lead to these kinds of issues. To check and modify the date & time settings on your Windows 10 computer, follow the instructions below.

  • Click on the Time & Language option in the Settings window.
  • Select Date & Time.
  • Now, enable the Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically options by clicking the toggle button below them, if they are disabled.
  • Click on the Sync now button under the Synchronize your clock section.

Method 5: Restarting Your Windows 10 Computer

A simple restart process can resolve a temporary issue that is running on your computer. 

  • Close all the applications.
  • Sign out from your Windows account profile. To do so, click Windows (in the taskbar) > Profile > Sign out.
  • Now, restart your computer.
  • After your Windows 10 computer restarts, check if the night light feature is working.

Now you have seen how to fix Night light not working windows 10 issue. To get more assistance from our tech experts, Click the Call button provided on this page.