Norton 360 Block Website

Norton 360 Block Website

  • Navigate to the Start menu at the top-left corner of the screen. Select All Programs Symantec Norton 360.
  • Select the Tasks and Settings tab and then click change Advanced Settings Firewall Protection Settings General Rules
  • Select the blocked website from the General Rules list and then select the Modify button. 
  • Select Permit Next Inbound and outbound Next
  • Click the Any Computer option and then select Next.
  • Make sure to tick mark the box beside the ‘All types of communication’ option.
  • Select the Next button and then change the remaining settings as per your requirement in the Firewall Settings window.
  • Select the Next button for two times and then click the Apply button to save the modification.
  • Now, select the Close button to close the Norton 360 Preferences window.

Norton 360 Blocking Internet Explorer

  • Restart the device to rectify the ‘Norton 360 blocking Internet Explorer’ problem.
  • Turn off the Norton 360 antivirus feature and then enable it after a few minutes.

Norton 360 Blocking Internet

  • First, you have to enable the Norton 360 antivirus feature on your computer.
  • After opening the home screen of the Norton 360 antivirus software, select the Settings button.
  • Select Firewall General Settings Firewall Reset and then click the Reset Firewall option.
  • Once you have reset the Norton 360 Firewall software, restart the computer when prompted.

Norton 360 Firewall Blocking Network Connections

  • Make sure to delete all the remaining antivirus software to fix the Network Connection Blocking problem.
  • Uninstall the Norton 360 software and then reinstall it.
  • If you are not able to resolve the issue, restart your Windows computer.

Norton 360 Pop Up Blocker Settings 

  • For ad pop-up blocking, you can use the Norton Ad-Blocker feature. 
  • With Norton Ad-Blocker, you can block the pop-up ads in any of your browser or device. 
  • You can also set security alerts to notify you when there is an outbreak or violation. 
  • It will detect the virus carefully and alert you when it is spreading rapidly. 
  • There are options to block and allow ads, and you can check the status of the ad you have blocked. 
  • You will also be able to unblock the ad when needed under Blocker Settings. 

Norton 360 Ad Blocker 

  • Make use of the following instructions to download and install the Norton Ad Blocker.
  • Download the Ad Blocker software from the official site and double-click on the Blocker icon. 
  • Read through the Norton License Agreement and the Terms of Use and then comply with it using the Agree & Set Up option. 
  • Select the Turn On Notifications option and then access the Device Settings. 
  • Choose the Safari option followed by the Content Blockers option. 
  • Click on the Ad Blocker option to enable it. 

Norton 360 Blocking Chrome   

  • Open the Norton 360 software on your system by double-clicking on it from the system tray. 
  • Tap the Settings option in the menu available at the top of the screen. 
  • Select the Firewall option that is available under the Detailed Settings in the Antivirus section. 
  • Choose the Program Rules option and find the Google Chrome option from the list. 
  • From the drop-down menu present on that screen, tap the Auto option. 
  • Click the Apply button followed by the Close button to exit from the software. 

Norton 360 Blocking Outgoing Email 

  • Launch the Norton interface on your system by double-clicking on the Norton icon available on the Desktop. 
  • Tap the Options button and then navigate to the Email link. Untick the box near the Scan Incoming Email option and click Save. 
  • You can also add a new rule in the Firewall section by navigating to the Advanced menu. 
  • Choose the Firewall option followed by the Settings option available in the Application Blocking row. 
  • Click the Add Application option and then select the executable file for your Email client in the next step. 
  • Tap the Save option. 

Norton 360 Firewall Blocking File Sharing

  • This problem will occur if the network trust status of the network you are using is set to Public. 
  • To change this, you can navigate to the Norton Settings menu. Select the Firewall option followed by the General Settings option. 
  • Choose the Network Trust option and then click on the Configure option to change the trust status. 
  • If you want to enable it for the public networks, then choose the Firewall option from the Settings menu. 
  • Click on General Settings option in the proceeding step. Select the Public Network Exceptions option and then tap File and Printer Sharing. 
  • Enable it and save the changes in the Norton firewall settings. 
  • Now, the Norton 360 Firewall will not block file sharing.