Norton 360 Issues

Norton 360 Issues

The Norton 360 software is an antivirus tool that helps to protect your device from virus and threat. If your Norton 360 software fails to perform its function, do the solutions provided below to resolve the problem.

Can t Install Norton 360

  • Check if the Operating System is compatible to download and run the Norton 360 software before installation.
  • The foremost reason for this problem could be the third-party software that you have installed already on your computer.  
  • Uninstall or disable the third-party software.
  • Use the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool to uninstall the software from your PC and reinstall the recent version of it.

Norton 360 Keeps Asking Me To Restart

  • If updating the Norton 360 software does not resolve the problem, uninstall it from your computer.
  • Use the Norton Setup CD to reinstall the Norton 360 software. Now, perform the instructions displayed on the screen to finish the installation process of the antivirus software.

Norton 360 Stopped Working

  • First, you have to remove the Norton 360 software from your computer.
  • Get the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool from the manufacturer site.
  • Once you have downloaded the tool, double-click its icon to open it.
  • You are recommended to agree to the license agreement of the Norton product to continue with the installation process.
  • Select Remove & Reinstall Continue or Remove Restart Now.
  • Follow the prompts appearing on the screen to install the Norton 360 software after rebooting your computer.

Norton 360 Fix Now Does Not Work    

To solve this problem, perform the following guidelines.

  • First, launch Norton 360.
  • The My Norton window is found next to the Device security, open it.
  • Double-click Security and then click LiveUpdate in the main window.
  • Once the Norton LiveUpdate is complete, click OK.
  • Ensure to run the LiveUpdate until the message, ‘Your Norton product has the latest protection updates’ appears.
  • Now, close all the programs and then restart the computer.
  • If the problem persists, then perform the below steps.
  • Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. The downloaded file is saved to the current location.
  • Now, keep pressing Ctrl+J keys together to launch the Downloads window.
  • Next, double-click the NRnR icon.
  • Examine the license agreement, and tap Agree. Click the Remove & Reinstall button.
  • Now, tap Continue or Remove and then click Restart Now.
  • Once the computer has restarted, proceed with the on-screen instructions to install the Norton product.

Norton 360 internet connection problems   

To fix this issue, perform the following guidelines.

  • Slide the Smart Firewall toggle off and then toggle it on again.
  • First, launch the Norton program window.
  • Go to Settings and click the Firewall on under it.
  • Next, under the General settings tab, click the slider to turn off the Firewall.
  • The Protection Alert dialogue box will now appear.
  • Click the Apply button from the drop-down menu and choose Permanently.
  • Now, click OK. Next, turn on the firewall and try to access the internet. Ensure that it is connected.
  • Try to re-tune the firewall rules.
  • Launch the Norton application and go to Settings. Locate Firewall in the Settings window. Now, go to the General Settings tab and click Reset.
  • Next, click Yes in the confirmation box. Click the Apply button and exit the Norton program.
  • Now, uninstall the Norton program. Restart the computer and go to the manufacturer site to install the Norton program again.
  • Next, make changes in the trust level of the network computer.
  • Configure the Network settings. Choose the network computer in which the trust level has to be changed.
  • Next, click the Full Trust option from the drop-down list. Click Apply followed by OK.
  • Exit the Norton application and make sure to refresh the system.
  • If you are using any non-Symantec security product, uninstall it.
  • Try accessing the internet and check for the connection. 

Norton 360 restore 

Perform the following guidelines to restore the Norton 360.

  • First, open the Norton 360 software. Next, go to the Backup section and click the Restore Files option.
  • Hover the cursor to the No Backup Set selected option.
  • Click the backupsetsname on drivenamedriveletter: link. A list of backup sets will be displayed in the Norton 360 vault.
  • Choose the backup sets that you want to restore and click OK.
  • Now, select the Browse for files and folders option.
  • Select the files to be restored and choose a secure location. Click Restore Files.

Cannot Open Norton 360 Main Window 

To troubleshoot this issue, do the following steps.

  • First, make sure to backup the files.
  • To backup the files, go to Settings-->Identify Protection-->Backup.
  • Next, download the new Norton 360 installer from the manufacturer site.
  • Download the Norton Removal Tool from the manufacturer site.
  • Disconnect the device from the network connection.
  • Uninstall the older version of the Norton 360 from the Control panel Add or Remove programs.
  • Next, make sure to reboot the device.
  • Run the Norton Removal Tool and reboot the device again.
  • Make use of the downloaded installer to install the Norton 360 software.
  • Connect the device to the network again.
  • Next, activate the Norton 360 and run the Live Update.
  • Go to Settings and select Identity Protection--> Restore to restore the safe data.

Norton 360 Desktop Icon Missing 

The Norton 360 icon will be available on the desktop once you uninstall and reinstall the default version of the Norton product. Download the Norton 360 from the manufacturer site. Make sure that you update the Norton 360 product to its latest version.     

Norton 360 Not Scanning 

  • First, restart the computer to resolve this issue. Close all the background applications and then restart it. 
  • Make use of the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool to resolve this error. 
  • Download the tool and save it to your computer’s desktop. Press the Ctrl and J keys together and then double-click on the NRnR icon. 
  • Comply with License Agreement by clicking the Agree button. 
  • Tap the Remove & Reinstall option followed by the Remove option. 
  • Click the Restart Now button and check if the issue has been resolved. 

Norton 360 Reinstall After Reformat 

  • The initial step of the re-installation procedure is to find the Norton 360 installation file. You can get it from the manufacturer’s site. 
  • Make sure you have the Activation Key with you before installing the product. 
  • Double-click on the downloaded file and click the I Agree option after reading the License Agreement. 
  • Wait patiently for at least 5-30 minutes for the installation to complete. 
  • Specify the login credentials in the next step and tap Next. 
  • Click the Finish button and wait till the quick scan completes. The re-install process is now over. 

Norton 360 Settings Greyed Out 

Perform the following guidelines to restore the Norton 360.

  • Check if you have signed in via the administrator account or the standard account. 
  • Log in using the administrator credentials to avoid this problem. 
  • Restart the device and check if the error has been resolved. 
  • If you want to log in using the standard account, then navigate to NIS Settings and select the Miscellaneous Settings option. 
  • Tick the box near the Allow Non-Administrator Account Access to Settings option. 
  • Check if the error has been resolved. If not, talk to the technical experts to rectify this problem.

Norton 360 Slows Down My Computer   

To troubleshoot this issue, do the following steps.

  • This problem will occur if you have installed any other security software other than Norton. 
  • Uninstall the other security programs and then check if the issue has been rectified. 
  • Make sure your computer has all the necessary requirements to install Norton. If it has low memory or low speed, then Norton will slow down. 
  • When the scan data is large, the Norton software might take a longer time. 
  • If there are too many viruses or malware, then it will slow down your system. 
  • Make sure to verify the system requirements before installing the Norton software. 
  • Clear the browser history and perform a disk cleanup to resolve the slow down issue. 
  • This will clear the unwanted data that is available on the computer. 
  • Get assistance from the technical team if the issue persists. 

Norton 360 Sonar Protection Not Fixed 

Perform the following guidelines to restore the Norton 360.

  • When you are notified that the device you are using is not protected by SONAR, then tap the Fix Now option to fix the issue automatically. 
  • If the issue persists, then re-install the Norton product on your computer. 
  • Check if your subscription is active and synced to your Norton account. 
  • Next, open the My Norton software and double-click on the Security option. 
  • Click the LiveUpdate option and click the OK button in the Confirmation screen. 
  • Restart your computer after running the LiveUpdate to resolve the issue completely. 
  • Finally, install the Norton Power Eraser on your system and tap the scan For Risks option. 
  • Once the computer restarts, wait till the scan process is over and then go with the instructions displayed on your screen. 

Norton 360 Won t Start 

To troubleshoot this issue, do the following steps.

  • The first solution is to run the LiveUpdates to resolve the error. 
  • Close the Norton software completely on your system and open it after a few minutes. 
  • If it does not open, then clear the temp and cache files available on the computer to rectify this problem. 
  • On your Computer, select the Organize option and then choose the Folder and Search Option. 
  • Tap View and then select the Show Hidden Files. Remove the checkmark beside the Show Hidden Operating System Files option. 
  • Click the Apply button. 
  • In the C driver, go to Users->%username%->Appdata->Local->Nortonand then Attach the cedurl.txt file in the succeeding post. 
  • Now, find cmd and select the Run As Administrator option after right-clicking on it. 
  • Key in chkdsk c: /r /f_>y Restart . Allow the check Disk to Run
  • Call our technical experts if these solutions do not resolve the issue.