Norton 360 Scan

Norton 360 Scan

Norton 360 updates its virus definitions and runs automatic scans on your computer. The three types of scan that Norton 360 offers are: Quick Scan, Full System Scan, and Custom Scan.

Norton 360 Run Scan    

  • Open Norton 360 program on your computer.
  • Navigate to My Norton > Open.
  • Double-click Security > SCANS.
  • On the Scans window, select Scans and Tasks.
  • Locate Quick Scan > Go.
  • Click Finish in the Results Summary window.
  • View the risks in the Threats detected window.

Norton 360 Email Scan

Email Antivirus Scan protects you from the threats sent via emails. You get to customize how Norton 360 behaves upon encountering a threat in the email attachment.

  • Double-click the Norton AntiVirus icon on the Desktop.
  • Access Norton AntiVirus > Status > Email Scanning.
  • Click the Turn On button.

Norton 360 Full System Scan

  • Launch Norton on your computer.
  • Go to My Norton > Open.
  • Select and double-click Security and then choose Scans.
  • Find Scans and Tasks on the Scans window.
  • Reach Full System Scan > Go in the Scans & Tasks tab.

Norton 360 Scan External Drive

  • Click open Norton on your computer.
  • Access My Norton > Open.
  • Double-click Security and then select Scans.
  • Locate Scans and Tasks.
  • Choose Custom Scan and then Go.
  • Hit Run next to Drive Scan and then.
  • Select the drive to be scanned and then hit Scan.

Norton 360 Command Line Scan

  • Press Windows and E keys together to open the File Explorer on your computer.
  • Access C:\Program Files\Norton Antivirus\Engine [X]\, X- the version number of Norton Antivirus.
  • Click the address bar and copy the folder path either by right-clicking or pressing Ctrl+C.
  • Open the Run function by pressing Windows and R together.
  • Type cmd into the search bar of Windows and open the command prompt.
  • Type C: in the console and press Enter to get into the C drive.
  • Input cd and right-click the console.
  • Choose Paste from the context menu and press Enter.
  • Enter navw32.exe and hit the Spacebar.
  • Type /A to scan all drives, /L to scan the local drive, /BOOT to scan the boot records.
  • For a quick scan, type, navw32.exe /QUICK.
  • Hit Enter to run the virus scan.

Norton 360 Scan Usb Drive

  • Plug the USB flash drive into a USB port on your computer.
  • Click the Start button at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Access Computer > Your USB flash drive.
  • Right-click the USB and click Norton 360 > Scan Now.

The scan starts automatically and notifies you of the detected threats.