How To Remove Norton Antivirus Scam Email?

Norton Antivirus Scam Email

Whenever you notice a promotional email or a kind of email that assures you to gift you lakhs of money, instead of being happy, start suspecting the origin of the mail. First of all, you need to know how genuine the mail is. Be aware not to be flattered with the discounts mentioned and don’t ever be deceived by the gifts mentioned. When it comes to Norton Antivirus Scam Email, the recipients are made to believe that their antivirus software has already expired or expiring in few days. The scammers give you an option as well that if you renew the antivirus software by clicking on the link, you will be given a 50 percent discount on buying the Antivirus software. Moreover, they also tell you that you cannot get the discount later. When you click on the link they had sent, you will end up either in monetary loss or sensitive information loss.

Symptoms And Damage

  • A single click on the website link may lead to loss of sensitive personal information, monetary loss, or identity theft.
  • The symptoms you may experience after accessing the website link will be unauthorized and unknown online purchases, changes in your account passwords, and illegal access to your computer.

Steps To Avoid The Scam Emails

  • It is not only in Norton, but the same instances occur in different kinds of reputed brand names. But none of these reputed companies are sending you those scam emails.
  • It is the technique of scammers who try to monetize through emails. If you want to avoid those emails, download the software, including Norton Antivirus, from the official website. Make sure to download them through a direct link. Always remember that the attachments and links you receive from irrelevant senders are likely to be malicious. Make sure not to click on the links or download those attachments.

Malware Removal Software For Norton Antivirus Scam Email

  • If you had already clicked on the link or have already downloaded the attachments from the deceptive website, run a scan with instant automatic malware removal software to eradicate the infiltrated virus.
  • Download and install any instant automatic malware removal software and run the program. You will be notified when it completes the malware elimination process.

Eradicate The Malware Manually

  • You can also eradicate the malware manually. It is quite a tedious process, and you can go ahead if you want to.
  • Press Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys together to open the task manager. Look over the running files, and identify the suspicious program. You can find it by its tricky name and logo itself.
  • Now, download and install the Autoruns program. It will show you the auto-start applications with the system location.
  • Restart your computer in a safe mode.
  • Open the Autoruns program, click on the Options tab, deselect the Hide Empty Locations and Hide Windows Entries options, and refresh your computer.
  • When you open the Autoruns program, it will exhibit a list of currently running files. Locate the malware file which you want to eradicate. Now delete the file permanently from your computer. By opening the task manager, you can also recheck whether the malware file has been deleted or not.
  • Make sure to be aware of suspecting and deceptive attachments and links in the future.

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