Simple Steps To Get Norton Antivirus Xfinity


Earlier, Xfinity Internet users had the privilege of using the Norton Antivirus Xfinity without any additional cost. But, as of January 1, 2021, the Xfinity Internet provider made xFi Advanced security available to its 20 million customers. So, it stopped the service of free Norton security. But if you are an Xfinity customer and still want to use Norton security, you can go ahead and subscribe to it for your computer. But you need to pay for the subscription. But when it comes to xFi advanced security, Xfinity internet users can enable the security without any additional cost andyou can receive innovative digital protection, and it protects all the connected devices.

xFi Advanced Security

Now, you might be in a dilemma whether to continue with xFi advanced security without any antivirus program or buy a subscription from any other antivirus program. But, you should know one thing. That is, xFi advanced security is not an antivirus program. Instead, it is just a firewall that blocks the security threats at the network gateway. If a virus enters your system, xFi advanced security cannot remove it from your system as it works only at the gateway level. It can help you out by preventing malicious websites. To enable xFi advanced security, you just need to log in to your Xfinity app or Xfinity website.

Antivirus Program

As you have learned that xFi advanced security is just a firewall and not an antivirus, you need to download any antivirus program to keep your system safe. If you decide to continue with the Norton antivirus xfinity, you need to purchase the required subscription from Norton. And Xfinity itself is providing the offers for the Xfinity customers who prefer to use Norton online security.


Don’t Worry About Confliction

If you have purchased an antivirus subscription, you might be worried that you cannot run xFi advanced security and the antivirus program simultaneously. You need not worry as xFi advanced security does not run on your computer, so it never conflicts with the antivirus program you have installed.

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