Norton Family Problem

Norton Antivirus Family Problems

Norton Family can face issues at times. Errors such as Disappearing apps, unable to unlock, failure of supervision features, Norton Family Problems while installing profiles, and more may appear. Follow the procedure given here to rectify such Norton Family Issues with Norton Family.

Norton Family Problems

Device has not Reported any Activity

  • Uninstall the Norton Family software from your system. Re-install it after a few minutes.
  • Delete your child account and then create a new one again to resolve this issue.
  • Check if there any updates for your phone. If so, install it.
  • Disable Child Lock and enable it after a few seconds. Check if the Norton Family Problems has been solved.
  • Norton is testing a solution for the Inactive Device Alert feature, and it will be released soon.

iOS VPN Fails to Connect from Norton Family

To fix the cannot uninstall Norton Security scan issue, follow the steps discussed below.

  • This error occurs when the device in which you have installed goes to the curfew mode because of Time Supervision or Instant lock.
  • To resolve this error, Norton has made a correction in the connectivity. This will solve the VPN problem.
  • Update the software and check if this Norton Family Problems has been fixed.

Why Device Information Unavailable at my Norton?

  • To resolve the issue, check the status of Norton.
  • The next solution is to clear the browser cache. If it is overloaded, then this issue may occur.
  • Close your browser and try opening it after a few seconds.
  • Change the browser you are using and check if the error is rectified.
  • Launch the Norton interface and go to the Norton Family Issues Settings option. Select the Administrative Settings option.
  • Scroll the screen downwards and choose the Remote Management option. Check if it is turned on.
  • If yes, then disable it, restart your system. Enable the Remote Management option again.

Why Automatic background tasks not working?

  • Try running the LiveUpdate feature and keep restarting your computer until no updates are available in the Norton tool.
  • The Norton Family Problems steps on how to run the LiveUpdate feature are provided below.
  • Choose the My Norton tab that is available next to the Devices window and then select the Open button.
  • Double-click the Security option in the Main dialog box and then choose the LiveUpdate option.
  • Once the LiveUpdate option is done, the OK button must be selected.
  • Keep running the LiveUpdate feature until the Your Norton product has the latest protection updates message displays on the screen.
  • Now, close the apps that are running on your personal computer and then restart it for fixing the issue.

Why does my Mobile device is blocked without usage?

If Norton Antivirus can't be imported after the reinstallation of Windows, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Try to enable the AirPlane mode on your mobile device after your child has used it.
  • Once the AirPlane mode is turned On, the mobile data will be disabled.
  • Check whether the Mobile device is blocked without usage message displays on the screen the next time before your child is using your mobile device.
  • Now the background applications and the permissions that are used in the allocated time will appear on the screen.
  • The instructions for enabling the AirPlane feature are as follows.
  • Swipe up the display on the top of the screen for opening the Quick Settings dialog box.
  • Find the AirPlane mode and tap it. Now the AirPlane feature is enabled on your phone.
Norton Family Issues

Does Family work when child is away from home?

Yes, the Norton Family software will work even when your child is away from your home. Enforcement policies apply to all the devices that are using the Norton Family software. The software uses the data centers that are available in the Norton software for holding the Norton Family Problems details of the policies and to check what is happening in the device.

Why accessibility for Norton Family Has been turned off?

The solution for the accessibility problem is released in the Beta version of the Norton Family software. Sign up for the Beta program and then check whether the Norton Family Issues is rectified. The issue can also occur in specific devices because of the optimization in its performance. The Beta version of the application can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

How do I avoid a child from turning off the "App with usage access" setting?

To avoid your child from turning off App with usage access setting, check whether the following settings have been enabled on your Android device

  • Go to the Settings application on your Android device and navigate to Advanced Settings. Then, go to Accessibility and open Norton Family Accessibility Service. Now, tap on the Enable button.
  • Go back to the Settings application and navigate to the Advanced Settings. Navigate to Security and open Apps with usage access. Locate Norton Family and tap on it. Now, choose Enable.
  • Return to the Settings application and open 'Apps.' Choose Norton Family and select the permissions option. Check whether the Contacts, Location, Storage, SMS, and Telephone permissions are enabled.

Why some blacklisted sites are not blocked?

To solve the Norton Family Problems of blacklisted websites not being blocked on your computer while using the Norton Family application, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Norton Family Antivirus requires the Norton Family extension to be installed on your browsers. For Internet Explorer, go to the right-hand side of the browser window and click on the gear icon. Select Manage add-ons and choose Norton Family BHO on the Manage add-ons window. Enable the Norton Family BHO extension, close Internet Explorer, and relaunch it.
  • For the Mozilla Firefox browser, go to the menu button on the top and click the Add-ons button. Now, select the Extensions tab and proceed to choose Norton Family extension. Enable the Norton Family Extension, close Firefox, and relaunch.
  • In Chrome browsers, click on the settings (three dots in vertical orientation) button and then select More Tools. Select Extensions, choose Norton Family Extension. For version 70 Chrome users, click the family icon on the top-right of the window and choose 'This can read and change site data.' Choose the On all sites option, close Chrome, and restart Chrome.
  • Consider uninstalling the Norton Family Antivirus and reinstalling it on your computer if the previously mentioned step did not solve the issue.

Why Facebook Monitoring is not working?

On Norton Family, if the Facebook login information is displayed, but the individual pages that were visited are not displayed, follow the Norton Family Problems guidelines mentioned below to find the individual Facebook pages.

  • While it seems impossible to view individual pages visited by a user with the Norton Family application, you can see the individual pages by expanding the list.
  • Navigate to the Web activities section of the Norton Family application's dashboard and click on it. Now, expand the activity and proceed to click on View Details. The pages visited on Facebook are displayed on the screen.

Cannot Log into Norton Family

The Login Norton Family Issues was caused by a back-end issue at the server end. This server issue caused occasional login problems for many users while accessing the Norton Family account. The item has been resolved at the server end, and users can successfully log into their Norton Family accounts.

Why Norton Security LiveUpdate frequently fails to complete?

To fix this Norton Family Problems, perform the step-by-step instructions given below.

  • Try to restart your device. Make sure to restart your device with the administrative rights.
  • Check the virus definition date of your Norton antivirus software. To check it, follow the instructions given below.
  • Open the Norton antivirus on your computer by double-clicking its icon available on the desktop.
  • Click the Security option on the main screen of the Norton antivirus software.
  • Select Security Status Indicator and click the Definitions option.
  • If the update date is lesser than one day, then wait for 24 hours and update it.
  • If the update date is longer than one day, then update the Norton antivirus using the Intelligence updater application.
  • Download and install the Intelligence Updater application on your computer and start updating your Norton Antivirus.

Recent Update Disabled Firewall

To fix this issue, perform the troubleshooting procedures given below.

  • Try to disable the Windows Fast Startup Feature.
  • You can disable it by restarting your system for a few times.
  • To disable the Windows Fast Startup feature, follow the instructions given below.
  • Click the Start, type the Firewall keyword in the search field and click the Enter button.
  • Click the Windows Firewall in the Search result.
  • Click the Change settings or Turn Windows Firewall On or Off option.
  • Select the Off option and click the OK button.

Receiving error that says Unable to Update Child Policy

To fix this Norton Family Issues, perform the troubleshooting procedures given below.

  • Remove and re-add the child account from Norton. To remove the child account, follow the instructions given below.
  • Sign into the Norton account using your username and password.
  • Click the Children tab on the home screen of the Norton.
  • Select the Child Profile option and click the Profile Settings tab.
  • Click the Delete profile option. Click the Confirm button.
  • Now the child account is removed successfully.
  • To re-add the child account, log into the official Norton site and click the ADD CHILD button.
  • Perform the on-screen steps to add the child account and click the OK button.

Do not see the apps installed in App House Rules

To fix this Norton Family Problems, perform the step-by-step instructions given below.

  • Log into the Norton account and click the Norton Family icon available at the taskbar.
  • Click the View My House Rules. Now the House Rules window will open.
  • Set the devices settings as per the procedures displayed on the screen.
  • Click the OK button. Now the installed apps will be displayed on the screen.
  • If the installed apps do not appear, then refresh the House Rules screen.

Norton Safe Search for Firefox Requires New Permissions?

  • You don't have to give access or permissions to access anything that is available on your system.
  • In case any website is making use of a standard code to log in, then it has to be identified by ID Safe.
  • This will help Norton do all the sign in functions for you.
  • Once you delegate the necessary permissions, Norton Family will protect your web search and scan for viruses.

Norton Optimisation not working after Windows 10 Update

  • Norton Family makes use of the Optimize/Defragging feature of your Windows system.
  • Navigate to the Settings option on your system and select the Programs option.
  • Choose the Windows Administrative Tools option. Run the Norton Family Issues optimization process from there.
  • Open your Norton account and find the NortonNISDownloader.exe file. Download it successfully.
  • Run the tool you downloaded, and it will prompt to restart the system.
  • Norton Family will be installed once the computer restarts. Restart it again.
  • Select the Apps and Features option from the Settings menu. Use the search box to find Norton. Click the Uninstall option uninstall Norton and reboot the computer.
  • Next, you have to run the downloaded NortonNISDownloader.exe file again and restart your computer.

Time Restriction not working properly

The Norton Family Problems software monitors apps which are in the foreground. It also checks whether the device screen is locked. When you are charging the mobile phone, an application that pops-up is considered to be used by the Norton Family software actively. The monitoring process will stop after your device is locked. During the specified hours, all the applications will be blocked even if there is some amount of time left for the day.

Norton Family for Android stops working

Go to your child device and then check the Battery Optimization in the Norton Family application. Open the Device Settings window on your device and select the Battery option, and then tap Settings. Select Battery Optimization and choose All Apps, and then select the Norton Family software. If the error persists after turning off the battery optimization feature, then contact the customer support executive.

Norton Safe Search Can't be removed from Chrome browser on Mac

The free Malwarebytes for Mac software will help you to remove the Safe Finder browser from your Mac device.

  • Reset your homepage setting in the Chrome.
  • After resetting the settings, check if the issue is cleared.
  • If not, then try nuke Chrome application to resolve this issue.
  • The nuke Chrome software will help you to clear this issue.
  • After clearing the issue, restart your system and continue using the Norton antivirus.

Disk usage 100% during Norton scans

  • To resolve this Norton Family Problems, perform the step-by-step instructions given below.
  • Try to update the Norton Security software by following the instructions as given below.
  • Log into the official page of the Norton antivirus. You can use the Norton account username and password for login.
  • Tap the Device Security tab and select your device.
  • Click the Update option. Once you click the Update button, the Norton antivirus software update process begins.

Error: "The Norton Family server is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

If the error message stating that the Norton Family Server is unavailable is displayed, check the following Norton Family Issues suggestions to solve the issue.

  • Go to your Windows PC. Press and hold Windows and R keys at the same time. The Run dialog box appears on the screen.
  • Type the text 'timedate.cpl' (without quotes) and then press the Enter key.
  • Navigate to the Date & Time window and choose the Change date & time option.
  • Set the month, day, and year on the screen. Click Apply and then choose OK.

There is another test that needs to be performed to check whether your firewall is interfering with the Norton Family antivirus.

  • Set up the firewall application and go to the firewall icon displayed on the notification area on your computer. Double-click the firewall icon.
  • Disable the firewall temporarily and then go to the Norton Family application's icon in the notification area on your computer. Click the Norton Family icon, choose the Edit Accounts option, and then key in your parent email information and passphrase.
  • Click OK. If you find that the issue has not been solved, try using the application after a while. If the issue has been fixed, do the following to ensure that the firewall does not interfere with the program. Go to the firewall application to make a new rule to allow connection to '' on port 443 for the Noton Family Server.

Time supervision is preventing allowed contacts during blocked hours.

If Time supervision is preventing calls from being made to allowed contacts during blocked hours, there is a way to circumvent the issue. Follow the guidelines given below to find out how to call the contacts.

  • The first way to make calls is by going to the block screen and tapping on the contact to initiate a call.
  • The second way to call allowed contacts during blocked hours is by going to the Norton Family child app and tapping on the contact that needs to be called.
  • Using the methods outlined above, a user can make calls to the allowed contacts during blocked hours without using the dialer app.
Norton Family

Norton Security subscription expired, but it was just activated a few days ago

If Norton Security was activated recently, but it shows the message that subscription has expired, it might be due to fast startup issues or incorrect installation. Follow the Norton Family Problems guidelines mentioned below to solve the expired subscription issue.

  • Consider disabling fast startup on your Windows computer. Go to the Start button on your PC desktop and right-click it.
  • Choose the Search option and key in the phrase 'Control Panel.' Press Enter, navigate to Power options, and click on it. Select the Chose what the power buttons do button and click on 'Change currently unavailable settings.' Choose the Turn on fast startup option and ensure that the tick disappears. Then, click on Save changes. Try restarting your computer and relaunching Norton Family. If the error is still not solved, follow the steps given below.
  • Go to the Norton official site and download Norton Remove and Reinstall too. Install and launch it on your computer.
  • Choose Remove after agreeing to the license agreement. Restart the computer and reinstall Norton. This should solve the subscription expired error.