Norton Firewall Blocking

Norton Firewall Blocking

The Norton Smart Firewall software is very much helpful in preventing your computer from threats. It is also useful in monitoring network-related activities to block some specific programs and sites. If you do not want any application or website to be blocked, follow the easy ways below to prevent the Norton Smart Firewall software from blocking them.

Norton Smart Firewall Blocking Facebook

  • If the Norton Smart Firewall software blocks the Facebook app, follow the guidelines mentioned below to resolve it.
  • Open your Norton Firewall software on your device.
  • Select the Settings option and then select Firewall from the Detailed Settings section.
  • Navigate to General Settings and then select the Reset button next to the Firewall Reset option.
  • Select Apply and then click Close to reset your Norton Smart Firewall software on your device.
  • By resetting the Norton Firewall the Facebook blocking issue can be easily fixed.

Norton Firewall Is Blocking Communication 

To resolve the Norton firewall blocking communication issue, follow the instructions given below.

  • Open the Norton application on your system.
  • Click the  Advanced or Settings  tab on Norton’s main window.
  • Click  Firewall Connection Blocking Settings.
  • Choose the Editing Settings option in the Connection Blocking window and choose the network path that you wish to access.
  • After that, click the  View menu  followed by the Applications option.
  • Choose the application that you wish to edit and click the Edit button.
  • Make the required changes as per your need and click the Save button.

My Norton Firewall Is Blocking Google Chrome

Proceed with the following instructions to prevent your Norton Firewall software from blocking the Google Chrome app.

  • Select the Start icon on the taskbar.
  • Navigate to All Programs Norton Settings at the top of the screen.
  • Go to Firewall and select the Google Chrome option from the Program Rules list.
  • Select Auto Close .
  • The alternative way to fix the Norton Firewall software blocking Google Chrome is to modify the firewall settings.
  • Enter Windows Firewall in the search bar and then select it from the displayed result.
  • Select Allow a programme through windows Continue Change Settings Allow .
  • Click Google Chrome Add OK to prevent your Norton Firewall from blocking Google Chrome.

Norton Smart Firewall Blocking Network  

The instructions given below will help you to fix the Norton Firewall blocking communication issue.

  • Launch the Norton antivirus software on your computer.
  • Click the  Run Live Update  option to check if there is any update available for your Norton software.
  • If yes, update the Norton antivirus and check if the communication issue is resolved.
  • If there is no updated version available for your Norton antivirus, then click the Task & Settings menu button and select the  Advanced Settings  option.
  • Click  Firewall Protection Settings Add VPN Permit .
  • Choose all incoming & outgoing traffic from the displayed list and click the Next button.
  • Click  Any Computer Next All Ports All Type of Communication.
  • After that, click the Next button followed by Finish.
  • Check if the issue is resolved. If the Norton Firewall blocking communication issue persists, then contact the Norton technical support to fix this issue.

Norton Firewall Blocking Internet Access Windows 10 

  To turn off the Norton Firewall feature, follow the instructions given below.

  • Select & right-click on the Norton antivirus icon and click the Open button.
  • Click the Settings menu button on the main screen of the Norton antivirus application.
  • Choose the Firewall option in the Settings section.
  • Click the General Settings tab. Now a list of firewall preference options will appear on the screen.
  • Click the Toggle button beside the Smart Firewall option to turn it On or Off.
  • After that, to save the settings, click the Apply button followed by OK.

Norton Firewall Blocking Scanner 

  • Open the Norton antivirus software on your computer by double-clicking its icon.
  • If you are using the Norton Antivirus or Norton Internet Security application, then click the  Advanced option followed by Network Security Map.
  • If you are using the Norton 360 antivirus software, then click Advanced Tasks General Tasks Check Network Security Map.
  • Click the plus icon in the Total In Network section.
  • Choose your printer in the Add a Device list.
  • After that, in the Network Security Map section, choose your device and click the Edit button.
  • Click  Full Trust OK Close .
  • If the Norton antivirus blocking your printer issue remains unresolved even after performing the above troubleshooting instructions, then contact the Norton antivirus technical experts to fix this problem.

Norton Firewall Blocking Website  

Perform the following steps,

  • First, go to Start menu and select All Programs.
  • Then, to launch the program, select Symantec or Norton application from the Context menu.  
  • Now, tap Task and Settings tab and then tap Change Advanced Settings.
  • Next, click Firewall Protection Settings and then click General Rules.
  • The blocked website list will be available.     
  • Tap the Blocked website and then click the Modify button.
  • Select the Permit option and then click the Next button.
  • Next, choose the Inbound and Outbound option.
  • Now, click the Computer option to set the modified firewall rule.
  • Click the Next button. Mark the checkboxes and then tap Next.
  • Examine the on-screen instructions and make the required confirmation to change the firewall settings.
  • Click the Next option twice and then click Apply to save all the changes done.
  • Then, click Close and close the Norton.

Norton Smart Firewall Blocking Printer   

  • First, open the Norton application that you have installed.
  • In the Norton smart application window, click Advanced option.
  • On the Network Protection pane, click Network Security Map.
  • Click the + sign on the Network heading pane.
  • In the Add a Device window, click the Device name, IP address, and click Add a Device.
  • Then, click your device name on the Network Security Map.
  • Next, click the Edit option and then choose Full Trust option.
  • Tap OK and select Close in the Network Security Map Window.
  • If the problem persists, then try resetting the printer and perform the configuration settings from the beginning.

Norton Antivirus Firewall Blocking Internet

  • First, launch Norton. In the My Norton Window, click Open.
  • Open the Settings window. Click Firewall in the Settings window.
  • Next, click the slider to off position in the General Settings tab.
  • The Protection Alert dialog box will appear.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Apply and then choose Permanently.
  • Then, tap, OK. Make sure to restart the computer.

Norton 360 Firewall Blocking File Sharing

If Norton 360 firewall blocks file sharing, it is because the application's default configuration prevents file sharing and remote desktop. You need to go to the Norton application and check the trust level of your network. In case your computer is connected to a restricted network, the public network exceptions will be disabled by default. 

You can follow these guidelines to resolve the Norton 360 firewall blocking file-sharing issue.

  • Launch the Norton application on your computer and navigate to the My Norton window. Click Open.
  • Click the Settings option and then choose Firewall.
  • Navigate to the General Settings tab which is located under Network Settings. Click the Configure button beside Network Trust.
  • Now you can check the trust level of your network. 

Norton 360 Firewall Blocking Wireless Printer

Generally, Norton 360 firewall blocks wireless devices, file sharing, and some services for security purposes. However, the user can choose to add exceptions for devices such as wireless printers by following the steps given below.

If you are using multiple printers and need to add an exception for one printer, you have to find out the name assigned by the computer for that printer.

  • Navigate to the computer's Start menu and locate the Control Panel option. Click it and then find the Devices & Printers option. 
  • Find the Printers on the list and locate the printer for which wireless connection has to be enabled. Make a note of it.
  • Launch the Norton 360 application on your computer and click the Tasks option.
  • Choose General tasks Check Network Security Map Click the + button located beside 'Total in Network.' 
  • Choose 'Add a Device’, enter your printer name, and click Add Device. Click the Edit option located next to Trust Level. Set Full Trust as the Trust Level and then click OK.

Norton Firewall Blocking Vpn

There are multiple ways to allow VPN services when using Norton Firewall.

Here is the first method:

  • Navigate to the system tray on your computer and right-click the Norton icon. Select the Options button and then click Norton Internet Security.
  • Click the Personal Firewall option and then choose Trust Control.
  • Select the Add option and then type your VPN server's IP address. Click OK.
  • Click OK again to apply these changes. Now, you will be able to bypass Norton Firewall and use the VPN service.

Here is another method to bypass Norton firewall and use a VPN service.

  • Open Norton on your computer and click the Settings option. Find the Firewall option and click it. 
  • Choose the Program Rules option and then click Add. 
  • Go to the File window and click the Select a program option. Select the VPN application.
  • Click Open. The 'What do you want to do?' window opens. Check whether it is set to 'Manually configure Internet access' and then click OK.
  • Select the 'Connections to and from other computers click Next .
  • Choose the 'Only the computers and sites listed below click Add.
  • Click the 'Individually' option and enter the VPN server's IP address in the 'Edit' field. Click OK.
  • Click Next. Ensure that the options' TCP and UDP, 'All types of communication' are selected.
  • Then, click the Create a Security History log entry. Type a rule name and click Next followed by Finish.