Norton Security Issues

Norton Security Issues

  • The common Norton Security Issues occurring while using the Norton Security antivirus software are listed below.
  • Sometimes Norton Security does not support Multi-user licenses installation.
  • Reinstallation fails.
  • Unable to open or scan on Norton may occur due to incomplete setup process, corrupted program files, damaged or corrupted files on your Windows system.
  • If any corrupted file or network issue occurs in your computer, then there is a chance for ‘unable to update’ error to occur.
Norton Security Issues

Norton Scan not working

To resolve this Norton Security Issues, follow the troubleshooting steps given below.

  • Stop all the on-going processes and restart your computer.
  • Download and install the Norton Remove & Reinstall tool on your computer.
  • After downloading the tool, open it on your computer.
  • Click the Agree button on the License agreement page.
  • Click the Remove & Reinstall button and select Continue or Remove.
  • Click the Restart Now button. Once the computer restarts, re-install the Norton software on your computer.

Cannot uninstall Norton Security Scan

To fix the cannot uninstall Norton Security scan Norton Security Problems, follow the steps discussed below.

  • Click the Start menu followed by Control Panel.
  • Select Programs and click the Programs & Features option.
  • Select the Norton Security product application from the installed programs list.
  • Select the Uninstall or Remove button.
  • Now the Norton Security Scan program is removed from your program list.
  • If you see the error message unable to uninstall on the screen, then contact the Norton support.

Time restriction active during the allowed time

This issue may occur if your App lock blocks the Norton program.

  • So, to fix this issue, you need to turn off the Norton Family program on the Norton App Lock configuration.
  • After turning it off, check if the problem is resolved.
  • If the issue does not resolve, then uninstall and re-install the Norton Security program on your device.
Norton Security Problems

Norton Early Launch Anti-malware Scan in Windows 10

Follow the Norton Security Issues mentioned below to adjust your Norton Early Launch Antimalware Scan.

  • Go to the Windows 10 computer where you've installed the Early Launch Antimalware Protection software.
  • Launch the Run application on your computer by pressing the Windows and R buttons at the same time.
  • Type gpedit.msc and press Enter. Go to Computer Configuration on the left panel and look for the Administrative Template button. Click it.
  • Now, choose System -> Early Launch Antimalware, and right-click on the Boot start driver initialization policy under the Settings menu.
  • Click Edit. Now, click the circle next to Enabled and then choose 'Good, unknown and bad' in the Options dropdown list.
  • Finally, click Apply.

Unable to import Norton after Windows reinstall

If Norton Security can't be imported after the reinstallation of Windows, follow the Norton Security Issues mentioned below.

  • When reinstalling Windows, make sure you install the latest service pack to avoid incompatibility between the operating system and the Norton Antivirus version.
  • Another factor that might be the reason for this incompatibility Norton Security Problems might be the presence of other security software interfering with the installation of Norton Antivirus. Try uninstalling those programs before installing Norton Antivirus.
  • The last check in this series of fixes is the restart of the computer after the re-installation/updating of the operating system.

One Instance of NortonSecurity.exe High CPU

Norton Internet Security is an application that prevents the computer from getting affected by malware, blocks dangerous programs, and cleans the hard drive. When one instance of Norton Security.exe is taking up a high value of CPU resources, follow these guidelines to solve the ccroot.

  • Launch the Norton Security program on your PC.
  • Go to the My Norton window beside Device Security and click on Open.
  • Now, go to the Settings option and choose Tasks Scheduling.
  • Look for the scheduled scan task on the automatic tasks tab and uncheck it to disable the feature.
  • Now, click the Apply option and then select Close.

Norton security scan cannot launch because %ccroot% failed in initiation

The ccroot failed in initiation issue on your computer, which results in the software not being launched can be solved by following the guidelines mentioned below.

  • First, go to the official site of Norton and look for the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.
  • It is available in the Support section of the Norton website. You can search for this tool from a search engine such as Google as well. Click on the appropriate Norton link to visit the page and then download the tool.
  • Navigate to the Downloads folder which has the Norton tool and locate the file. Double-click it and click Agree to accept the terms and conditions. Then, choose the Remove only button to remove the Norton product from your computer. Click Remove again if there is a prompt.
  • Choose the Restart Now option to restart your PC.
  • Then, go to the Control Panel application on your PC and open Power Options which is found in All Control Panel Items. Find Choose what the power buttons do on the left side of the screen and click it.
  • Click the Change settings that are unavailable option, which is located above the battery icon.
  • Uncheck the Turn on fast startup feature and click the Save button on the bottom.
  • Restart the computer and reinstall the Norton product.

Blue Screen of death during Full System Scan

  • To rectify the error, try setting a new user temporarily for a specific period.
  • Open the Control Panel dialog box on your personal computer.
  • Click on the User button and then create a new user with all the login credentials.
  • Sign off from the current user and then log into your system using the new ID.
  • After logging in, check whether the error is rectified.
  • The blue screen of death issue can arise if there are any issues in the computer hardware.
  • Make use of the GMER RootKit Detector for resolving the hard drive Norton Security Issues.

Norton chokes download speeds

  • The download speed can get affected if the Norton Secure VPN software is installed on your system.
  • The steps on how to deinstall the Norton Secure VPN software are provided below.
  • From the System Tray on your computer, select the Norton Secure VPN icon.
  • To open the Run pop-up box on your desktop, press the Win + R buttons on your keyboard.
  • Mention appwiz.cpl in the Run box and then tap the Enter button.
  • Choose the Norton Secure VPN option from the list of programs that are launched currently.
  • Now, click either the Remove or Uninstall button.
  • Carry out the guidelines that appear on your computer window for deinstalling the Norton Secure VPN software.
  • Now, check whether the download scan speed Norton Security Problems is rectified.

Do I Still Need Windows Security HealthService To Be Running?

Make sure that you do not modify any Windows Service Settings since it can cause malfunctioning of your personal computer or laptop. It can also affect the Norton software as it does not utilize any Windows services for offering protection to your PC.

  • Use the Safe mode with networking feature on your system.
  • First, close all the apps that are running on the computer.
  • Open the Run window and type msconfig in the address box, and then press Enter.
  • If the User Account Control pop-up box displays on the screen, click on either the Yes or Continue button.
  • In the System Configuration tab, check the Safe Boot option and then select the Network button.
  • Click on the OK button and when prompted, restart your computer.
  • If the error continues, download the Norton Power Eraser software on the desktop.
  • Choose the Run button, else select the file that is downloaded on your PC. Click Yes or Continue and then select the Agree option.
  • Choose the Scan for Risks icon in the Norton Power Eraser pop up box.
  • A RootKit scan process is carried out by the software, and once it is done, restart the device.
  • After restarting, follow the on-screen prompts and then verify whether the issue is fixed.

Secure Vpn -Inconsistent Does Not Turn On

  • Restart the computer if this issue occurs. Do not shut down as it might create problems.
  • Launch the Norton Interface after restarting.
  • Disable the Fast Start feature on your Windows system.
  • Go to the Control Panel and choose Power Options.
  • From the left panel of the screen, click the Choose What the Power Buttons Do option.
  • Go with the Change Settings that are Currently Unavailable option in the next step.
  • Select the Yes option in the User Account Control screen.
  • Go to the Shutdown Settings and highlight the checkbox near the Turn On Fast Startup option.

Norton Blocking Xbox App Server Connectivity

  • Reset the firewall if you face this Norton Security Issues.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned here to perform the reset successfully.
  • Launch the Norton Antivirus on your computer. Click on the My Norton window available near the Device Security option.
  • Tap the Open option. Click the Settings option from the main window of Norton.
  • Select the Firewall option under it. Find the Firewall Reset section under the General Settings tab.
  • Tap the Reset button to initiate the firewall reset process.
  • Reboot your system and try connecting your Xbox again.

Norton Security Is Blocking All Internet Traffic

  • Using Norton, you can block or unblock traffic based on your choice.
  • To do so, launch the interface on your computer.
  • Select the Settings option and then tap the Firewall option.
  • Go to the General Settings tab. Choose the Traffic Blocking Exceptions option under it.
  • Click the Configure button and modify the traffic according to your choice.
  • Save the settings, and this Norton Security Problems will be solved.

System Restore Won't Complete

  • The main reason for this Norton Security Issues is that if you have turned on Norton Tamper Protection, then the system restoration will not complete.
  • Disable it temporarily to complete the system restore process.
  • To do so, click on the My Norton window located next to the Device Security option.
  • Once it is launched, tap the Settings option. Select the Administrative Settings option in the next step.
  • Find the Product Security section. Turn off the Settings Password Protection and the Norton Tamper Protection option available there.
  • Mention the duration for which you wish to disable it tap the OK button.
  • Click the Apply option and key in the Password in the Set Password window that appears next.
  • Tap OK and close the Settings window.

Can Norton Block WIN10 Updates from downloading

  • Switch off the Fast boot option and reboot the computer to fix this issue.
  • To disable the Fast boot option, follow the instructions given below.
  • Go to Control Panel and select the Power options.
  • Click Choose and select the Change option.
  • Scroll the screen and select the Shutdown option on the Change section.
  • Uncheck the Turn On Fast startup option and click the Save changes button.

Trying to disable automatic renew but can't seem to find it?

  • Perform the steps given below to turn off the Norton Automatic renewal service option.
  • Log into the Norton official site from your computer.
  • Tap the My Subscription option. Select the option that you want to disable and move the slider to OFF.
  • Click the Turn Off button. Follow the on-screen Norton Security Issues procedure and again click the Turn Off button.

Can't sign in to Norton dashboard

  • To fix this Norton Security Problems, perform the troubleshooting tips discussed below.
  • Check there is an update available for the Norton product or not.
  • If update is available, then update it and restart your system.
  • If the issue continues, then uninstall and reinstall the Norton Security program on your computer.

Windows 10 Crashes at Norton Quick Scan

  • Select and right-click on the Norton program.
  • Select the Properties option. If you find any error message, then try to clear the issue.
  • If there is no error message, then click the Add or Remove Program option.
  • Wait for the uninstallation to complete.
  • Reinstall the Norton Security antivirus and check if the Norton Security Issues is resolved.
  • If the problem continues, then contact the manufacturer for support.

What to do when I can't reinstall Norton?

If you can't reinstall Norton, it is possible that it was not entirely removed from the computer. Follow these guidelines to reinstall Norton on your computer.

  • Disable the fast startup feature on your computer by going to the Control Panel and selecting All Control Panel Items. Then, go to the Power options button and click on it. Click on the Choose what the power buttons do button, which is located above create a power plan.
  • Select the Change settings that are unavailable option and click the Shutdown settings option at the bottom. If the Turn on fast startup feature is enabled, disable it by clicking on the box beside it.
  • Restart your computer after the changing the Fast startup setting and proceed to download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool on your computer.
  • Launch the Norton Removal tool and choose Advanced Options -> Remove Only
  • Now, click the Remove button and then click Restart Now. After the computer restarts, reinstall the Norton product by downloading it from the official site.
  • Run LiveUpdate on your Norton product until there are no updates left.

Norton Internet Security is blocking known safe sites

Norton Internet Security is a trusted application for blocking unsafe sites. Occasionally, it is known to have Norton Security Problems with safe sites. However, there is an easy solution to this Norton Security Issues.

  • Launch Norton Internet Security on your computer and then run LiveUpdate by going to Security -> Live Update (from the Norton application's dashboard)
  • Run the LiveUpdate till the application shows 'Your Norton software has the latest updates'
  • Restart the computer and launch the Norton software to solve the safe site blocking issue.

Installation issue: says "Collecting Error Logs"

Norton displays the message, 'collecting error logs' due to multiple reasons. This message means that the product cannot be installed correctly on your device. To solve this issue, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Make sure you have uninstalled the previously installed trial versions of antivirus software on your computer. If not, remove these programs.
  • Disable Fast startup on your computer. This feature is located in the Power Options tab of the Control Panel. You can view it by clicking 'Choose what power buttons do'. Click the checkbox beside the turn fast boot on option (to uncheck the box; if it is unchecked already, make no changes here). Then, click Save.
  • The next step that you can take is to disable Windows Defender manually. Go to start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Virus & threat protection -> Virus & threat protection settings -> Disable Windows Defender real-time scanning by clicking on the slider to move it to the Off position. Now, try reinstalling the Norton product.

Live Update does not run automatically

If your Norton Antivirus program's Live Update does not run automatically, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Launch LiveUpdate on your Norton Antivirus program. Navigate to the Open button beside Device Security option.
  • Go to LiveUpdate and update the product until it displays the message that your product has all the latest updates.
  • Restart your computer. This update to the Norton Antivirus fixes the 'LiveUpdate not automatically running' Norton Security Issues.
norton live update

Norton Internet Security hangs, and scan does not complete

  • To resolve the scan issue, exit all the programs on your personal system and then restart it.
  • Start the Norton tool by choosing the My Norton window available next to Device Security.
  • Now, click on the Open button and double-click on the Security option in the Main dialog box.
  • Select the LiveUpdate option, and once the update is done, select the OK button.
  • Run the LiveUpdate process until a Confirmation message displays on the screen.
  • Close all the apps and then restart your system for fixing the issue.

How can I change the setup for the search engine in Norton safe search?

  • The steps on how to modify the setup in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are provided below.
  • Google Chrome: To alert the default search engine from the Norton software, select the Customize and control Google Chrome option.
  • Click on the Settings option, and now the Norton Security Problems Settings dialog box will display on your system.
  • Select the Disable button under the Search Engine section.
  • If you wish to turn On the Norton Safe Search feature, choose the Customize and control Google Chrome button.
  • Select the Extensions option and then click the Toggle button in the Extensions dialog box for enabling the feature.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Begin the Firefox software on your computer and click the Change Search Settings in the drop-down list box.
  • In the Search box, under the Default Search Engine tab, choose the Norton Search option from the drop-down list.
  • Now Norton Security Issues Safe Search will be used as the default search engine on your PC.

How do I rename a device on my Norton Subscriptions?

  • Go with the guidelines given below for renaming your device on the Norton software.
  • First, provide the username and the password for signing into your Norton account.
  • In the My Norton window, select the View Devices/Review Devices option under the Device Security tab.
  • Choose the Eclipse icon that is available below the device which you wish to name in the Devices window.
  • In the menu that displays on your personal computer, click on the Rename Device option.
  • Mention a new name for your device in the Rename Device pop-up window.
  • Make sure that the name you type is unique.
  • Ensure that you use up to 40 characters only and then choose the Rename button.

Norton Frequently Blocking Web Attack

  • To resolve this Norton Security Issues, you have to make a few exceptions under Intrusion Signatures.
  • Tap the Settings option from the main interface.
  • Click the Firewall option under the Detailed Settings option.
  • Navigate to the Intrusion and Browser Protection tab.
  • Look for the Intrusions Signatures section under the Intrusion Prevention option.
  • Choose the Configure option. Once the Intrusion Signatures window opens, you have to untick the boxes present near a particular signature to allow access.
  • Click the OK button and close the interface. Your issue will be resolved in a few seconds.

Why Norton tells me System Infected by Coinminer?

  • The first solution to this problem is to delete the temporary files of the browser and the system.
  • Also, clear the cookies in the next Norton Security Problems step. Restart your computer to check if the issue has been resolved.
  • This error might occur if you visit a website that has malformed ads.
  • Close the tab that has malformed ads, and the issue will be sorted out.
  • Uninstall the Norton Antivirus program and install it again.
  • Contact the technical experts if the above-stated solutions fail.

Why Norton Recognizes Secure Sites as Unsafe?

  • Follow the guidelines that are provided below to solve this Norton Security Issues.
  • Initially, check if the problem is caused by your computer or Norton software.
  • To check, you have to disable the smart firewall for a few seconds.
  • Find the Norton icon available in your system tray and right-click it.
  • Click on the Disable Smart Firewall option.
  • Now, check if you are able to visit the sites that were recognized as unsafe.
  • Reboot the router and the modem to reset all the settings. Check if the issue has been resolved now.
  • Uninstall the Norton Antivirus program from your computer completely.
  • Wait for a few minutes and then install the Norton program again.