How To Fix Panda Antivirus Error Code 11?

Panda Antivirus Error Code 11

Panda antivirus error code 11 occurs when it fails to work during its run-time. But you cannot decide that it is corrupted, and you should know that it is just a run-time error. When you diagnose the exact issue, you can efficiently resolve the error code in no time. It is quite common to experience runtime errors. It may happen due to conflicting programs, virus infection, or due to low storage on your computer.

Look Over For The Conflicting Program

  • When any of the programs in your computer turn out to be incompatible with the Panda antivirus program, both start to conflict with each other, and you would end up with error codes.
  • Press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously to open the Task Manager and close the running programs one by one.
  • Whenever you close a program, check whether the error code had disappeared.
  • When you identify the exact program that is causing the error, close the program and uninstall it from your system.
  • Turn off Windows Defender. At times it starts to conflict with your antivirus program. You need to turn it off to continue with the Panda antivirus program.

Follow the troubleshooting methods given below to fix the Panda antivirus error code 11.

Update The Virus Protection Program

  • If the reason behind error code 11 is a virus infection, you need to update your virus protection program.
  • You might have noticed that a folder gets deleted or added without your consent. It is happening due to virus infection. But you should know that these are the symptoms of the run time errors.
  • You can also run Windows update so that you can get the latest virus definition.

Update Your Runtime Libraries With The Latest Version

  • If your MS C++ package is not installed correctly or if the installation is incomplete, you need to uninstall the package from your computer and reinstall it again with the latest version.
  • If the error had occurred due to the incomplete update of run time libraries, you can resolve it by reinstalling the package.

Continue reading the given below steps to know more on how to solve Panda antivirus error code 11.

Clean Up Your Disk

  • When your computer runs out of space, you will face quite a number of issues, including the error codes. On your PC, click Start and select All Programs.
  • Navigate to Accessories followed by the System tools.
  • Now, click on the Disk Cleanup.
  • You can also empty your computer’s disk by backing up the data on your external hard disk.

Update Graphics Driver And Reset Your Browser

  • If the Panda antivirus runtime error code 11 had occurred due to a bad graphics driver, check whether you can fix the error code.
  • On your computer, navigate to Devices Manager and find out Graphics Driver from the list. Uninstall and then reinstall it again.
  • If the error had occurred due to Internet explorer, reset your browser and check whether you can fix the Panda antivirus error code 11.