Anti-Virus Software

Problems with Anti-Virus Software

Problems with Anti-Virus Software

Renewal Costs

Most of the antivirus software companies auto-renew the subscription annually. McAfee and Symantec paid 375,000 each for charging without the knowledge of the antivirus software users in 2009. Still, a few of the antivirus software providers are continuing with auto-billing.

False Anti-Virus Software

Some of the antivirus software in the market are not real. They will not protect your system from downloading harmful malware, which in turn leads to vulnerability. These fake antivirus programs are called Rogue Security Software. The removal of these programs is complex and it needs professional help.

False Positives

When your antivirus software detects a non-malicious program as dangerous, it indicates that it is a false-positive result. False-positive is not a big issue. But, the antivirus software would delete/deactivate non-malicious programs and files. One known example of false positive is Microsoft Security Essentials identified Google Chrome as malicious and further it even removed Google Chrome.


A few of the antivirus software might become outdated too earlier. As a result, it will not detect any new strains of malware, spyware, etc., and the system gets infected even with the antivirus software installed on it. Some people don’t update the programs periodically and this leads to a long list of viruses on their system.

Update Interference

Mostly, the presence of the antivirus software interferes a lot with updates of firmware and programs. Also, the notifications from the antivirus applications are of disturbing nature. In this case, people often disable antivirus software.



Alternative solutions for using antivirus software are mentioned here.

Hardware and network firewall

Firewall paired with antivirus software protects the system from threats. The advantage of using a firewall is that it will protect your system based on a preset list of rules.

Cloud computing

Cloud antivirus software uses Machine Learning algorithms to detect and destroy threats. It provides more comprehensive security to your system.

Online scanning

Online scanning tools help to clean your system and offer short term protection against specific infections.