Quick Heal Antivirus for Mac

Quick Heal Antivirus Mac

You might have the idea that the Mac does not require an antivirus considering that the Apple OS is safe from any security threat. However, the Mac’s are not immune to malware attacks, and this will allow your computer to be affected easily. Any device over the network would require antivirus software to keep its data safe and secure. 

Quick Heal Antivirus for Mac

Let me suggest to you why Quick Heal Total Security for Mac is a safe and reliable antivirus program compared to other security applications. 

  • The Quick Heal antivirus application is filled with various features and helps to speed up your Mac with ease. 
  • You might have kids at home, and you would want them to have a safe browsing environment by restricting access to certain websites. 
  • You can also schedule and manage the browsing activities of your kids and help them to be productive.
  • Safeguards your mail with the Antispam security 
  • It has the TrackMyLaptop feature, and the feature would only come helpful when you register the Mac product key with the Quick Heal antivirus.
  • Remote device management, where you can add the Quick Heal enabled device to see the current status and check for critical notifications and updates for virus protection.
  • It restricts your Mac from being a victim of phishing and protects your most valuable data.
  • You can purchase or download the Quick Heal antivirus application for Mac from the Quick Heal official website.

Follow the steps to download Quick Heal antivirus to you, Mac:

  • Open the default browser.
  • Enter the Quick Heal official website in the address bar and press the Return button.
  • Navigate to the Home Users tab and select the Antivirus program of your choice.
  • When the chosen antivirus application opens, you can choose the license and the Duration from the drop-down lists.
  • Click the Buy Now button.
  • The page will now show the payment gateway. Follow the on-screen instructions and once done, close the Window.
  • Once downloaded, run the installer file according to the instructions displayed in the installation wizard.
  • Perform an initial scan after installation. Also, activate the antivirus product.
  • Now, you can use the application Quick Heal antivirus for Mac.