Quick Heal Firewall

Quick Heal Firewall

The Quick Heal Firewall protects the system from external threats and antiviruses. This also secures the financial transactions that you make through the Internet and will block the infected, fake, phishing websites. This will secure the data from stealing malware, separates junk and unnecessary emails. 


Turn off Quick Heal Firewall   

To turn off the Quick Heal Firewall, perform the following guidelines.

  • Go to Start and search for the Quick Heal Total Security application.
  • Click the Quick Heal Total Security to open. 
  • On the main screen of the Quick Heal Total Security, click Internet & Security.
  • Now, a list of protections will be displayed. 
  • Next, slide off the Firewall protection option and exit the application. 

Quick Heal Firewall settings  

To set the quick firewall setting, perform the following guidelines.

  • Click Internet & Network in the Quick Heal Total Security dashboard.
  • Slide the Firewall Protection on or off using the Toggle button.
  • Now, the Firewall is turned on by default.
  • Click anywhere in the Firewall protection area and set the Firewall protection.
  • Next, turn on the Wi-Fi networks to observe unsafe Wi-Fi networks.

Socks5 Firewall Error Quick Heal

  • First, you have to check the internet connection.
  • On your Windows 10 computer, enter CMD in the search bar.
  • Select the CMD from the displayed result.
  • Click the Run as Administrator option.
  • Enter Netsh Winsock Reset and then tap the Enter button.

Unable To Detect Internet Connection Quick Heal Socks5 Firewall

  • Open the Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Select File and then remove the tick mark beside the Work Offline option.
  • Check the proxy settings in Quick Heal and Internet Explorer. If you want to check the proxy settings in Quick Heal, select Settings Internet Settings.
  • Go to Internet Explorer, select the Tools menu, and click Internet Options Connections LAN Settings.
  • If the problem persists, type Run in the search bar to open the Run window.
  • Enter services.msc in the Run dialog box and then select OK DNS Client Restart to restart your DNS client service.