How To Renew Quick Heal Antivirus?

Renew Quick Heal Antivirus

Renewing your Quick Heal antivirus provides you complete protection against security threats. It will protect your PC or laptop against malware, spyware, and adware. Quick Heal antivirus software monitors all the tasks running on your laptop and protects your system from viruses. For renewing the license of your Quick Heal antivirus, you have three different options. You can renew it by the renewal code or product key. Even if you do not have a product key or a renewal code, you can buy it on the Quick Heal e-store. You can also reach out to the Quick Heal antivirus team by sending a mail for renewing your software. To renew Quick heal antivirus, the final option is that you can visit any Quick Heal dealer for renewing the license for your Quick Heal antivirus software.

Steps To Do Quick Heal Antivirus Renewal:

  • In your default browser, visit the official site of Quick Heal antivirus and navigate to Help. Then click on About followed by the Renew Now button. You will be directed to the Quick Heal Total Security Registration window.
  • If you have a renewal code or product key, click on ‘I have a renewal code or new product key’ and click Next.
  • If you don’t have a renewal code or product key, click on ‘I do not have renewal code with me’ and click on Buy Now.
  • The Renew Now page will appear. Select your plan according to your preference; you can select 1 year or 3 year plan. Then click on Renew Now.
  • Now, fill in your information; select the check box for I agree to the terms and conditions, and go ahead to make the payment.
  • When your payment gets completed, you will be directed to a page mentioning Quick Heal e-Store- Payment Successful.
  • Go to the home page of Quick Heal, tap on Help followed by About, and then select License Details. Now, click on Update License Details. Make sure you have a proper Internet connection and click on Continue.
  • A pop up titled 'Your license information have been updated' will appear. Click Ok and then close the Total Security License Details window.
  • Now, you have successfully renewed your Quick Heal Antivirus software. You can recheck the updated details in your Quick Heal app itself. You can notice that your license period has been extended.

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