While using the Windows 10 computer, users may face problems with the boot partition. When you turn on the computer, if it keeps freezing or crashing, it means there is a problem with your computer’s boot partition.On this page, you’re going to see how to repair the boot partition on Windows 10.To repair the boot partition on Windows, first, you have to delete the old partitions and create a new one. After creating a new one, configure the partition using the correct drive letters.*Important Note: Before you begin the partition process, make sure that you’ve created a backup of all your partitions.

Repairing Boot Partition on Windows 10

Step 1: Deleting the old partitions

  • Access your partition manager.
  • Select and delete all the partitions.
  • After doing it, create a new partition with 512 MB.
  • Label the new partition as “System Reserved.”
  • Now, turn off your Windows computer and go to the next step of the repair process.
Windows 10 Not Detecting Hdmi Monitor

Step 2: Configuring the new partition

The second step of partition is configuring the new partition properly. To do so, first, identify the correct drive letter and follow the instructions below.

  • Insert the Installation Disc and turn on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Open Command Prompt by pressing the Shift and F10 buttons at the same time.
  • Now, in the opened CMD window, type the “diskpart” command and tap Enter. Choose the partition or volume that you wish to configure.
  • Assign the drive letter.
  • Finally, enter the Exit command to complete the partition process.
  • Type the “bootsect.exe/ nt60 all /force” command to fix the problem with the partition.
  • Finally, rebuild a new system reserved partition to complete the repairing process.

If you need remote assistance in repairing the boot partition in Windows 10, click the Call button provided on this screen.