How To Scan Virus Online Avast?

Scan virus online Avast it protects you from fake websites and phishing scams. This will improve your overall browsing experience.

Scan Virus Online Avast

Features of the Avast Online Security plugin:

  • Safer search results
  • Avoids malicious websites
  • Spots and blocks trackers

How To Add Avast Online Security?

When you install the Avast program on your computer, the Avast Online Security extension is added automatically to your web browser. If you have performed the custom installation and failed to add this extension, you can add it manually using the following steps. And also, scan virus online Avast.

Step 1

  • Launch the Avast program on your computer.

Step 2

  • Navigate to the Menu tab and choose the Settings option.

Step 3

  • Click the General tab followed by the Troubleshooting tab in the left panel.
  • In the main panel, click the Add/Modify Components button.

Step 4

  • Select the checkbox beside the component that you want to install and click the Change button.

Step 5

  • When you see the Authorization dialog box, select the Yes option.

Step 6

  • Once the The product was successfully updated message appears, select the Restart Computer option.

Website tracking systems

Mostly, websites use tracking systems to monitor visitor behavior. Using the Avast Online Security extension, you can view the details of the tracking systems. Also, it turns them off to prevent your device from being tracked.The steps to manage website tracking systems are given below.

Step 1

Open your browser and click the Avast Online Security icon.

Step 2

  • Choose the tracking system you want to block and click the Block option.

Step 3

  • If you want to unblock the tracking system, click the Allow option.

Managing Avast Online Security settings

Step 1

  • Click the Avast Online Security icon in the web browser.

Step 2

  • Select the More Settings option.

Step 3

  • You will see the following options on the screen.
  • Data Sharing
  • Do not track
  • Antiphishing
  • Secure Browser
  • Search engine results
  • After you change the settings, select the Save option.

Functions of the Avast Online Security extension

  • It identifies and blocks phishing websites.
  • It warns you whenever you visit any website that has a bad reputation.
  • It protects your data when you shop online.
  • It blocks tracking cookies that collect your browsing data.
  • You can browse without any fear with the Avast program installed on your computer.
  • Finally, scan virus online Avast antivirus.