Setup Process Error 1603 Kaspersky

Setup Process Error 1603 Kaspersky

When installing the Kaspersky Security Software on your computer, the setup error 1603 may occur, causing an installation failure.


  • The cause for the error is the security software that was used before installing the Kaspersky security tool. Because the log and cache files of the previously used security software interfere with the Kaspersky software files.
  • If you are installing a newer version of the Kaspersky software, but its older version is still present on the computer, the setup process gets interrupted.
  • Due to virus or malware on the computer, installing the Kaspersky may be prevented.
Avast Boot Scan Error Code 0x8009000bu


  • If you have any other security tool on the computer, remove it manually by uninstalling or use a remover tool.
  • Uninstall the previous versions of Kaspersky and then go-ahead to install the latest Kaspersky version.
  • Delete the unnecessary cache and registry files of the system and then reboot the system to make sure that the system runs properly.
  • If the setup process stops and displays the error message, find the cause, and troubleshoot it. Uninstall the Kaspersky security software and install it again.
  • Scan the whole system to see if there are any virus programs or malware; in case any malware is found, remove it. After that, proceed with the Kaspersky setup and installation.
  • Back up the files and then clean the system drives to free up space on the drive for the Kaspersky software files.