Sophos Antivirus For Mac Issues Detected

How to Solved Sophos Antivirus For Mac Issues Detected

Most of the time, the Sophos Antivirus issues on Mac are not much to worry about. You will see the Issues detected message, but you will not find many details in the user interface.

The issues will usually be one or more of the following:

  • Corrupt files
  • Encrypted files
  • Something with which the scanner has a problem
  • In most cases, these corrupt or encrypted files will not cause any problem. Nevertheless, you can try the following steps:
  • If you have already run a scan of your Downloads folder, continue with these instructions:
  • Start the scan of your Downloads folder again.
  • While the scanning process is in progress, open Console. You can search for Console from Spotlight.
  • Now, on the left side of your Console, choose or expand the Sophos Anti-Virus option.
  • Navigate to Scans. Select the name that you have given the scan.
  • Choose the most recent date and time.
  • Go back to Sophos Anti-Virus (SAV). Wait for the Issues detected warning to display on your screen. At this stage, stop the scan.
  • Navigate to your Console and reload the log.
  • Go through the output of the scan and find out if there is any mention of “Corrupt file...” or “Encrypted file...”
  • If the scanner has an issue with any file, it might cause an error. Then, SAV displays the Issues detected message. You need not bother about these issues.
Sophos Antivirus For Mac Issues Detected

You can also try another simpler method:

  • Open the Terminal. You can search with Spotlight for the Terminal.
  • Run the following command:

Sweep ~/Library/Containers

  • Now, wait for the scanning to be completed. You will see the summary with messages like, “X errors were encountered” or “X encrypted files were not checked,” or other similar ones.
  • When you see the exact error message on your Mac, you can resolve it in a very short time on Sophos Antivirus For Mac Issues Detected.