Fix: Sophos Antivirus Issues Found

Sophos Antivirus Issues Found

If you see the Sophos Antivirus Issues Found message in the Sophos Scan window after or while scanning, right-click the area next to it and select the View Scan Log option. This will open a dialog window on the screen.

  • Navigate to the Issue engine found section and check the error message.
  • If the displayed error is one of the following, leave it as such.
  • Unrecognized file format
  • Cannot open item
  • This error message occurs when you unplug any external device at the time of scanning or it might be due to files or folders in the Trash folder.
  • This is not an issue. If you want to clear this error message, carry out the simple instructions given here.
Sophos Antivirus Issues Found

Step 1 - Uninstalling the Sophos Antivirus program from your Mac computer

  • On the home screen of your Mac computer, click the Go tab at the top of the screen and choose the Go to Folder option.
  • Type ‘/Library/Sophos Anti-Virus’ without the quotes in the ‘Go to the folder’ field and click the Go option.
  • Search for the Remove Sophos Anti-Virus.pkg file and double-click it.
  • Once you see the Install Sophos Anti-Virus Removal window, click the Continue option.
  • Select your hard drive and click the Continue button twice.
  • When you see a dialog box on the screen, type the Mac administrator password and click the Install Software option.
  • Click the Close button when you see the ‘The installation was successful’ message on the screen.

Step 2 - Restarting the Mac computer

Go back to the home screen of the Mac computer, click the Apple logo at the top of the screen, and select the Restart option.

Step 3 - Installing the Sophos Antivirus program on the Mac computer

  • Locate Sophosinstall in the Mac computer’s Downloads folder and double-click it.
  • Double-click the Sophos Installer file and select the Open option in the security prompt dialog box.
  • Continue with the on-screen prompts until you see the ‘The installation was successful’ message.