How To Configure Sophos Xg Firewall?

Sophos Xg Firewall

Are you worried about the security threats on your network? Then from now on, you don’t have to! Sophos XG Firewall comes with an advanced technology that is almost enough to protect your network from all kinds of malware, threats, and ransomware. It is suitable for endpoint integration, public & private cloud, school protection, SD-WAB & branch, enterprise protection, and acts as an all-in-one protection.

Some of the key features of this firewall are given below.

  • Easy-to-use VPN Client
  • SOHO Protection
  • Mobile VPN
  • Extreme level of visibility, protection, and performance
  • DHCP server integration

The best thing about the Sophos Protection XG firewall technology is that you can use its demo version even without installing it on your computer. Generally, this firewall technology uses an interface to interact with your computer network. By default, network settings are configured correctly. If you wish, you can change them using the Sophos interface.

To do so, you need to satisfy the requirements mentioned below.

  • For the physical devices: Should have at least 4 physical interfaces.
  • For the virtual devices: Should have at least 2 physical network ports.

Purchasing Sophos XG Firewall

  • Go to the official support page of Sophos.
  • Select the Sophos Antivirus XG firewall software.
  • In the Get Pricing window, type your first name, last name, and a valid e-mail address in the corresponding fields.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Purchase the Sophos Antivirus XG firewall software by following the on-screen instructions.

Configuring Sophos Antivirus XG Firewall

Open the software and access Sophos Control Center using your XG firewall account. As discussed above, you don’t have to configure any settings. If you wish to configure the XG Firewall settings, then follow the below instructions.

  • From the main screen of the Sophos XG Firewall technology window, click on the Network option. Choose the Interface option.
  • Click on the Menu button and select the Edit Interface option.
  • Now, in the General Settings dialog box, from the Network zone drop-down menu, choose the zone of your desire.
  • Select the IP assignment and other settings.
  • Finally, click on the Save button.

If you wish to add your existing DHCP server to the Sophos Antivirus XG firewall, then follow the below instructions.

  • On the Network screen of Sophos, select the DHCP option.
  • Click on the Add button.
  • Now, in the given fields, type the name and the DHCP server details.
  • Make sure to enter the details correctly in the given fields.
  • Click Save.

To know more about the Sophos XG firewall technology, contact us.