Total Av VPN Not Working

Are you tired of feeling vulnerable while browsing the web, whether on public Wi-Fi or private Internet? Take control of your digital life with Total AV VPN - the ultimate solution for complete security and anonymity. No more worrying about bandwidth limits - browse at maximum speeds without any threats to your data or geographical restrictions on overseas websites. But wait, what do you do when Total AV VPN suddenly stops working? Don't worry. We've got you covered. In this guide, we'll show you some easy fixes to get rid of the "Total AV VPN Not Working" issue, so you can get back to browsing securely and anonymously in no time!

TotalAV VPN Not Connecting - Why & How To Fix

Why Is My VPN Not Working?

First, let's investigate why this is happening so you can avoid similar VPN-related problems in the future. Here are some common reasons why your VPN connection might not work:

  • Your Wi-Fi connection is unstable or not working properly.
  • You're using the incorrect network ports.
  • The VPN protocol you're using is not compatible or supported.
  • Your antivirus software or firewall setting is blocking the connection.
  • There could be an issue with the Total VPN app itself.

Got it? Great! Let's move on to finding a solution. Let's troubleshoot and get your VPN connection back up and running!

Connect to VPN Again!

Here are some simple solutions you can try in order to get your VPN connection up and running again. Follow the steps in the order listed below. After each solution, try to connect to the VPN. If it works, fantastic! You can stop troubleshooting and enjoy a secure connection. If not, take a deep breath and move on to the next solution. We're confident that with these easy workarounds, you'll be back to browsing the web safely and securely in no time!

#1 Check Your Internet Status

  • The first thing you must do is verify whether your Internet is stable.
  • You can do this by visiting a webpage or accessing an application that requires the Internet to respond properly.
  • If the requested page or app responds properly, the Internet is stable.
  • In addition, you can also do this by running a network troubleshooter if you're using Windows 10 computer.
  • Want to learn how? Follow the instructions below.
  • Open the Network & Internet Settings window on your computer.
  • Go to the Advanced network settings section.
  • Here, click Network troubleshooter.
  • Now, the dialog box asking you to choose your network adapter will open.
  • Choose your adapter and click Next.
  • Now, the troubleshooter will try to detect the issue.
  • If you receive the dialog box with the 'Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem' message, then it means your internet connection is stable.
  • Relaunch the Total AV VPN app and try to connect to VPN.
Running Network Troubleshooter

#2 Use Different Device

If your Internet connection is fine, but the Total AV VPN is not working, then the next thing you can do is connect from a different or secondary device. To do so, you have to install the Total AV VPN app on that particular device. Do you need assistance getting started? No worries! We will assist you throughout the process. Follow the instructions below. Here we take an Android smartphone as a secondary device.

Using A Different Device
  • First, install the Total AV VPN app from the Google Play Store.
  • Next, open the app. The 'Login' screen will open.
  • Enter your Total AV VPN account credentials in the given fields and tap LOGIN.
  • Can you establish a VPN connection from a secondary device? If yes, great!
  • So, it is clear that you faced an issue with the VPN connection while connecting it from a primary device due to a problem with the device itself.

#3 Try a Different Location

If the Total AV VPN is not working due to an issue related to the VPN server location, then you can fix it by switching to another server in the same country or choosing another country of your choice. Here's what you need to do:

  • Open the Total AV VPN app. If it's not open, go ahead and launch it.
  • Navigate to the "Web Security" tab and select Safe Browsing (VPN).
  • This will bring up the "Choose a VPN location" window with a list of available locations or countries.
  • Pick a location or country from the list and hit the "Connect" button.
  • Enjoy seamless browsing if your device successfully connects to the new location or country!

If the problem persists, don't worry. There are other solutions you can try.

Choosing A Different Location

#4 Temporarily Disable Firewall

A firewall is designed to shield your system from unauthorized access. However, in some cases, you have to disable them to access some specific apps or features. In this case, we are going to do the same. Temporarily disable the firewall feature and try to connect your computer to a VPN. If you're using Total AV's firewall feature, here's how to disable it.

Temporarily Disable Firewall
  • Open the app. Go to the Web Security tab and click on the Firewall option.
  • This will open the firewall window.
  • Here, disable the firewall feature by clicking the toggle button beside it.
  • You have disabled the firewall feature. Now, try to connect your computer to a VPN.

If you're still having trouble with your Total AV VPN, don't worry, we have another workaround to try. Keep following along!

#5 Reinstall Total AV

None of the previous solutions have fixed the issue you're facing. Don't worry. We've got another suggestion for you. The problem may lie within the Total AV VPN app itself, where reinstalling the app is the best option. Reinstalling the app is just like any other application on your computer. If you're using Windows, follow these steps:

  • If you're using Windows, uninstall the Total AV VPN app from the Control Panel- Programs and Features window.
  • Then, download the latest and most compatible version from the Total AV application's official support page.
  • And install it on your computer.
Reinstall TotalAV

Is Total AV VPN Working? Great!

We have tried to identify the most common causes and simple workarounds to fix the issue with the Total AV VPN app. We hope that you find the solutions above useful. If the Total AV VPN app is still not connecting, then this is the time to try some advanced workarounds. Trying them with the help of a technical expert will be more beneficial. So, get in touch with us to make the job easier and faster.