Total AV VPN Not Working

Total Av Vpn Not Working

Whether you're using private Internet or public Wi-Fi, you can regain full control over your digital life with complete security and anonymity with Total AV VPN. It has no bandwidth limits and you can enjoy maximum browsing speeds without the dangers of leaving your data exposed or the geographic restrictions set on websites abroad. Despite all its advanced features, at times, Total AV VPN will not be working. This unexpected error leads to the disconnection of Total AV VPN on your devices. On this page, let's see some hassle-free techniques to get rid of the Total AV VPN Not Working issue.

Troubleshooting Steps To Resolve The Issue:

  • Sometimes the reason for Total AV Antivirus VPN not working may be due to an unstable Internet connection. In such a case, check your network connection and also ensure you've entered valid credentials.
  • Restart your VPN client and try connecting to your system.
  • If you're using multiple routers, then enable bridge mode
  • Try using a different network port.
  • If you're connecting the Total AV VPN via an app and witnessing the 'not working' error message, then you can try to reset your password and try to connect to it.
  • Change the protocol to Open VPN and try connecting to your device. 
  • Try to connect to Total AV VPN from another device. 
  • Disable the antivirus application or firewall on your system temporarily. Then try connecting to the VPN. 
  • If Total AV VPN is still not working, then carry on with the upcoming method to solve it.

Reinstall The Total Av Vpn On Your System

  • Disable and uninstall the Total AV VPN from your device. 
  • Visit Total AV's official page, download the VPN’s setup file, and run the program on your computer. 
  • If still Total AV VPN not working, then contact our technical team by clicking the Call button you see on this page.