Turn Off Norton Automatic Renewal Service

How to Turn Off Norton Automatic Renewal Service

The Automatic Renewal Service of Norton enables the user to renew the Norton subscription automatically using the payment information provided by the user at the time of expiry. From the date of purchase, the Automatic Renewal Service is enabled by default. Before and after the renewal service, the user receives a notification email. At any time, if the user does not want to use the service, he/she can disable the feature on the Norton software.

The following steps help you to turn off the Norton Automatic Renewal Service;

  • Visit the official Norton website on the computer’s web browser.
  • Sign in to the Norton account using the correct credentials.
  • On the Norton dashboard, click on the profile icon at the upper right end and choose Automatic Renewal Settings.
  • Under the My Accounts section, in the My Subscription panel, click the Automatic Renewal toggle button to turn off the service.
  • The Norton works properly till the expiry date, and after that, you have to renew the Norton subscription manually.
  • Next, the Norton window prompts you to select a reason from the drop-down menu for disabling the service.
  • Then, click the Turn Off button to disable and close the window.
Turn Off Norton Automatic Renewal Service