How To Uninstall Intego Virusbarrier On Mac?

Uninstall Intego Virusbarrier On Mac

Intego VirusBarrier’s primary focus is the Mac operating system. They have different utilities for different kinds of protection. Intego also helps to boost performance and enhance firewall protection, parental controls, and superior backup.Intego VirusBarrier is a complex solution. Once you have installed the Intego antivirus software, you will be asked to select additional applications to install along with it. The application comes under different plan options and has an easy installation and uninstallation process.The applications form a lot of service files on your Mac computer, thus making the performance go bad at times. So the best thing to improve the performance is to uninstall Intego VirusBarrier on Mac.

Steps To Remove Intego VirusBarrier On Mac.

  • Initially, close the Intego VirusBarrier application on your Mac if you had kept it open.
  • Make sure to close all the background apps related to Intego VirusBarrier.
  • Click the Finder icon from the Dock section.
  • Select Applications.
  • When the Applications window opens, select the Intego VirusBarrier application.
  • Click on the application and drag it to the Trash icon at the bottom right corner of the Mac screen.

Now you have successfully completed the uninstall Intego virusbarrier on mac process.

Now it’s time to clean up the unwanted Intego VirusBarrier virus scanning engine, the vault, and other third-party tools.

  • Open Finder.
  • Click the search bar on the top right corner and search for the file through the following directory ~/Library/Application/Support/VirusBarrier/.
  • Click the Go button.
  • Now, you have to find and move all the Intego VirusBarrier related applications to the Trash.
  • Slowly search through the following folders Application Support, Caches, Containers, Frameworks, Logs, Preferences, Saved, Application State, and WebKit.
  • Make sure to select all those files and move them to trash.
  • Open the Trash folder.
  • Select all the items in it and empty the folder.
  • Restart your Mac computer once done.

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