How to install Vipre Antivirus?

Vipre antivirus software protects your computer against malware and ransomware. Vipre software will detect all malware and merge them into a single efficient and powerful system by using how to install Vipre Antivirus guide. The software is owned by j2 Global.

how to install Vipre Antivirus

How to Install the Vipre Antivirus?

  • Initially, you need to download the Vipre antivirus from the official site.
  • Once the Vipre antivirus software downloads, open the downloaded file to begin the installation process.
  • Click the Next key on the Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard screen.
  • Click on the Radio button next to the I accept the terms in the license agreement option.
  • Type the authentication details on the required field when prompted.
  • Click the Change button to select the installation type.
  • Select the how to install Vipre Antivirus method by clicking the Radio button next to the respective option.
  • Click the Install button. Now the configuration page opens.
  • Confirm your email address to receive the Vipre alerts and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the configuration process.
  • Once the installation is done, the Setup Complete screen appears

Installing Vipre Antivirus for Windows

  • You can install the Vipre Antivirus software on your Windows using the Microsoft Edge browser. Perform the instructions as given below.
  • Download the Vipre antivirus software using the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Open the downloaded Vipre antivirus file to begin the installation.
  • Click the Run button on the Welcome screen of the installation screen.
  • Now, enter all 25 characters of your product key into the blank pages given in the Vipre Setup window.
  • After entering the product keys into the respective fields, click the Agree & Continue button.
  • Now the Vipre software will automatically scan your device.
  • The Vipre antivirus software installation process begins. Wait for it to complete.
  • Once the installation process is done, then click the Continue to Vipre button.

Installing Vipre Antivirus for Mac

  • Ensure that you download Vipre installer on your Mac.
  • After the download process is complete, Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  • An introduction Vipre Antivirus problems screen will prompt, select Continue.
  • Read the End-user License Agreement. If you agree to the terms and conditions and select Agree.
  • Under Destination, choose Screen. Select install Vipre on a separate disk. You can also choose to install for all users of this computer. Then, select Continue.
  • In the Installation Type screen, select an install location. Select Install to use the default application.
  • Now the installer will prompt you for the admin User name and Password to continue the process. Type your User Name and Password and select Install Software.
  • As a final step, the installer will copy the application to your Hard Disk.
  • Wait for until the process gets complete. Now you will receive a notification how to install Vipre Antivirus successful. Click close.

Steps to Activate Vipre

  • To Activate Vipre, follow these simple steps.
  • Open the Vipre, select the Activate button to display the Activation screen.
  • Type in your license key and select Activate.
  • You will receive a success notification. Click Done to complete the process.
Vipre Antivirus problems

How to Enable Protection In Vipre?

  • Ensure that Vipre is registered and the status is shown as Active.
  • Suppose the subscription is active, follow the how to install Vipre Antivirus given below.
  • Open Vipre and select the Green arrow to process the next update.
  • Under the Automatic Updates Section, select the Check Now button to enable protection.

How to enable and configure Vipre Firewall Settings?

  • To enable and configure Vipre Firewall Settings, follow the below given Vipre Antivirus problems instructions.
  • Go to Start, choose Programs.
  • Select Accessories and click System Tools and then click Security Center.
  • Choose Windows Firewall from the Manage security settings.
  • Go to the Exceptions tab and Choose File and Printer sharing.
  • Click Add Port and enter the following entries. After entering the following, Choose Ok to close Firewall Settings.

How to scan and detect Malware in Vipre?

  • Open the Vipre software on your Mac or Windows device.
  • Place your cursor on the green Scan button and then select it.
  • A drop-down list box with the different types of scan gets displayed on the screen.
  • Choose the scan that you require, such as Quick Scan, Custom Scan, or Full Scan to start the process.
  • To carry out the scan from the system tray, perform the steps that are given below.
  • Go to the System Tray window and then right-click on the icon of the Vipre software.
  • Select the type of scan that you wish to do and then wait for the process to complete.

How to Setup Custom Vipre Scan?

  • Click on the My Vipre option and hover the mouse over the Scan button, and then choose it. Choose the Custom Scan option and then select any one of the scan methods that are provided below for how to install Vipre Antivirus guide.
  • Windows registry: This option will include the registry of your system.
  • Cookies: This contains all the cookies that are present on your personal computer; it applies only to Internet Explorer.
  • Running programs: You can choose the scan for any application that is running currently.
  • Specify where to scan: To carry out a custom scan on particular drives or folders.
  • Initiate the scan by choosing the Scan Now option.
  • The Scan Progress dialog box appears on the system through which you can view the status of the scan, wait for it to complete.

 How to Setup Schedule Vipre Scan?

  • Open the Vipre antivirus software on your desktop and click on the drop-down menu available under the Schedule Scan option.
  • If you wish to modify any settings on the scheduled scans, choose the Pencil icon, else click on the New Scan button for creating a new schedule.
  • Do the required changes, else add a new schedule and then click on the Done button.

How to Update Vipre Home threat Definition? 

  • Download the Vipre software on your computer from the official support page.
  • After the download completes, open the Vipre tool then go through how to install Vipre Antivirus.
  • Select the Account option and then click on the About Vipre button.
  • Choose Support Tools and scroll to the bottom of the window, and then find the Threat Definition option.
  • Choose Load and then switch to the Definition File that was saved previously.
  • Click on the Open button and then wait for the Vipre Antivirus problems update process to complete.

Steps To Exclude File From Scan In Vipre By Adding In Always Allowed

  • Open the Vipre Antivirus Interface on your computer.
  • Click the Manage tab and then select Antivirus option.
  • Scroll the screen downwards and choose the Exclude from Scans option.
  • Select the Manage Excluded Items option. Click on the New Location or File option to exclude a file or drive of your choice.
  • Press the Enter key, and the chosen drive will be added to the Exclusions list.

How To Manage Quarantine Items In Vipre?

  • To manage Quarantine Items, you have to open the Interface and navigate to the Manage menu.
  • Select the Antivirus option. Choose the Manage Items option under the Quarantine option.
  • Make use of the Restore From Quarantine option to discard a risk from the Quarantine list.
  • If you want to delete a quarantined item, then click on the Delete from Computer option.
  • You can also use the Auto Delete function to delete an item from the Quarantine list.

How To Delete a Virus In Quarantine File Location?

  • The initial how to install Vipre Antivirus step of the Vipre Antivirus problems procedure is to open the Vipre Interface on your system.
  • Go to the Manage tab and select the Antivirus option.
  • You can also click the Green Arrow available near the Antivirus option in the main interface.
  • Choose the Manage Items option that is present under the Quarantine tab.
  • Click the Delete Quarantine Items to clear the risk or virus.

How To Recover & Restore Quarantine Files In Vipre?

  • Select the Quarantine option from the Main Menu of the interface.
  • Find the thread that you wish to recover.
  • Click the thread to have a detailed view of it.
  • Choose the Unquarantine option and select the Yes option to confirm.
  • he location of the recovered quarantine files will be displayed in the next screen

How to Enable and Configure Vipre email Security? 

  • Make sure you have an Active Directory Account. Check whether it is standard User and create a password.
  • Download the updated version of Vipre Email Security.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. An Installation Wizard will open.
  • Choose Finish and Follow the window which appears.
  • If prompted, enter the account details and password that you have created.
  • For configuration, go to Default Antivirus Policy and choose Policy settings.
  • Ensure that you have enabled the policy.
  • Select how Vipre will handle infected items and choose Apply.
  • After the process gets complete, Vipre Email Security installation and Configuration will complete.

Restore default settings in Vipre 

  • Open the Vipre App and go to the File menu.
  • Select Settings and click on the Firewall tab.
  • Choose Reset to Default. Now the new menu will prompt open Click Reset to Simple Mode.
  • Now the data that you have already stored will get removed. Vipre will set to the default version.

How to Renew Vipre License?

  • Ensure that you note the Vipre key which will be displayed after logging into the page.
  • Go to Start, select All programs, and choose Sunbelt Software. Click Vipre.
  • Under Vipre, select the Help menu and choose Register.
  • A window will prompt you that “I have already bought a license to Vipre".
  • Make sure you enter the product activation key.
  • The subscription will be renewed after you select OK. You will receive a how to install Vipre Antivirus notification automatically when your subscription is renewed.

How to Remove Vipre Completely?

  • Open the control panel.
  • Select Uninstall a program.
  • Now a list of programs will be displayed.
  • A window will be prompt asking you whether you want to remove or keep the data files.
  • Select Remove to start the removal process.
  • Wait until the process gets complete.
  • After the removal Vipre Antivirus problems process is complete, select the Finish button, and then restart the computer if prompted.


To fix this issue, follow the troubleshooting procedures given below.

Vipre Scan does not complete

To fix this issue, follow the troubleshooting procedures given below.

  • Run the Windows Maintenance Check process on your system.
  • The checkup process includes checking disk, system file check, disk defragment, and disk cleanup.
  • If the checkup process does not resolve the issue, then disable the Scan inside archives and Scan for Rootkit options on the Vipre’s Settings tab.
  • Perform the steps as given below to disable the above-mentioned options.
  • Open the Vipre application, and click the MyVipre option followed by Schedule Scan.
  • Click + new scan Custom Full Scan Custom Scan type.
  • Checkmark the Cookies, Running Programs, and Windows Registry options. Uncheck Rootkits and Archived & Compressed Files.
  • Set the scan schedule option in the Choose Locations tab.
  • Finally, click the Done button.

How to Fix System Hang during Vipre Scan?

To fix the system hand during Vipre scan issue, follow the step-by-step how to install Vipre Antivirus procedures given below.

  • Find the location where the scan operation hangs.
  • Now, open the Vipre software on your system and click the Manage tab.
  • Click Antivirus Exclude from Scans Manage Excluded Items Add New Location or File.
  • Click the Apply button. Close all the tabs and retry the scan operation.

Steps to Fix Vipre Definition Update fails

To fix the Vipre definition update fails issue, follow the step-by-step Vipre Antivirus problems instructions given below.

  • Enlarge the system icon on your taskbar by clicking the triangle-shaped icon.
  • Open the Vipre application and click on the Shutdown VIPRE option.
  • Click Start My Computer Local Disk: C.
  • Right-click on the Vipre folder and rename it as Old.Definitions. After renaming the folder, close all the windows including the current one.
  • Reopen the Vipre program and click on the Update Now option to download the definition.
  • Check if the Active Protection option is running.

How To Fix Vipre Service Is Not Running Error?

  • The first solution is to check if any other Antivirus program is installed on your system.
  • The next step is to use the Repair Install feature to find out the error and fix it.
  • Open the Control Panel on your system and select the Programs and Features option.
  • Search for the Vipre program and choose it. Click the Uninstall/Change option.
  • Click Repair in the next window. Once the repair is over, select the install option to install the Antivirus program on your system.

How To Fix Vipre Installation Error?

To fix the Vipre definition update fails issue, follow the step-by-step how to install Vipre Antivirus instructions given below.

  • If the installation error occurs, then cancel the download.
  • Open the Run window and key in C:/Windows\Inf. Press the Enter button.
  • Check if there is a file named INFCACHE.1 and rename it to INFCACHE.old.
  • Reboot the computer after renaming it.
  • Try installing the program again. If this does not sort out the issue, then delete the software using a special removal tool.
  • Download and install it again after a few minutes.

Unable To Open Quarantine File In Vipre

  • The initial step of the procedure is to check if the Ninja Remoting Service is running.
  • This issue occurs if there is any other application on your system that is making use of the 8085 port.
  • To change the port, go to C:\Program Files(*89)\VIPRE Email Settings\. Change the number of the port for the following files:
  • Restart the VIPRE Email Security Remoting Security service after modifying the settings.


Does VIPRE detect the Fireball Adware?

Yes, Vipre antivirus does detect different variants of the Fireball Adware. This helps the software get a better understanding of your computer applications and channelize the scans accordingly.

Windows 10 Defender not recognizing the status of Vipre

  • To overcome this Vipre Antivirus problems, you need to open Windows Defender on your computer. Go to Start and type Windows Defender in the search column and then click on it.
  • Now, click Virus and Threat Protection and select Enable.
  • Check if the software recognizes the status of Vipre.
  • If not, you need to do the how to install Vipre Antivirus steps below.
  • Check whether Vipre’s service is running.
  • Ascertain that the Definition Updates and Active Protection are enabled.
  • Now, verify whether the Windows 10 Defender detects the status of Vipre.


High CPU usage following most recent update

  • Ascertain that there is no other security software installed on your computer as this could hamper the performance of your system and cause it to function slowly.
  • Inspect the Quarantine folder for threats or malware and delete the files present.
  • Right-click on the taskbar of your computer and select Task Manager.
  • Check the programs running on the system and end all undesired applications.
  • Now, check whether the CPU usage is more.
  • If so, you need to uninstall and reinstall the Vipre Antivirus application.

Where do files go when restored from Quarantine?

It is not recommended to restore a file from the Quarantine as it could pose a threat to your computer. However, if you want to restore files which you know are not a threat, do so by selecting the Restore from Quarantine option. Once you restore the file, it will move to the location where it was removed. Get to the path where you stored the file to access it and repeat how to install Vipre Antivirus steps.