How Will Antivirus Slow Down Your Computer?

Will Antivirus Slow Down Your PC

The antivirus program that you were using might have slowed down your computer by 50%. But, now (in 2020), its no longer a reality. However, your antivirus program has a few effects on the overall speed of the computer. If the computer slows down, the users first thought might be to uninstall the antivirus program.If you suspect that your antivirus slow down your computer, here is the reason for it.

Antivirus Slow Down Your Computer

Antivirus Program

When you install a new application or download a file on your computer, the Antivirus program begins to scan it. It compares the network drive with a list of known malware. This process might slow down the computer because the malware list and the database that the antivirus program uses are large. Not only the antivirus program, but some other factors can also be the reason for the speed issue. A few of them are provided below for your reference.

Other Potential Factors

Sometimes, a newly installed software might be the cause for the slow down issue.

If the computer’s internal hard drive is full, there isn’t sufficient space to process, and this slows down the computer.

Also, if your hard drive is old, it begins to corrupt. The functionality of it will reduce. This, in turn, slows down the computer.

Even with the antivirus program, some of the malware might not be detected and removed properly.

The presence of certain types of malware slows down the computer.

The computer’s OS should be up-to-date. There is a huge chance for an outdated OS to slow down the performance of the computer.

To improve the performance of the computer, clean your hard drive periodically, update the computer’s OS as well as applications, and use only the fast antivirus program.

The fast antivirus program has the following characteristics.

  • Cloud processing
  • Behavioral over signature-based
  • Low RAM usage
  • Short installation

You have to choose the correct antivirus program wisely such that it will not affect the performance of the computer. If you have any further queries on why your antivirus slow down your computer, click the call button.