Will New Antivirus Software Remove Existing Viruses

Will New Antivirus Software Remove Existing Viruses

Antivirus software is a tool to protect your devices against viruses, malware, and other threats. Windows provides the in-built Defender to protect your system, yet you can use any reliable third-party antivirus software if you wish. There are many subscription plans based on which the features of the antivirus software might vary. Many users question whether the new antivirus software will remove existing viruses and to clear your doubts, read the below section and understand how the Antivirus software work. 

The signs of a virus on the computer

  • When there is a virus on the computer, you can identify it from certain unusual signs.
  • The processing speed and system performance of the computer will degrade, which will ultimately slow down the device, and thus lead to system crash. 
  • If the computer receives too many pop-ups and notifications, it is a strong sign that virus is present.
  • Other unintentional activities like freezing, abrupt closing of applications, etc.
  • If your email account is full of spam or unwanted messages, it means that someone has initiated the malware on the email account or the emails are corrupted.
Will New Antivirus Software Remove Existing Viruses

Working of the Antivirus

  • The antivirus program scans the computer and email service. But the scanning process depends on the subscription plan.
  • When the antivirus detects a malware file or program, it prompts you to delete it for security purposes.
  • Also, not all the Antivirus tools are enabled with the feature to detect the malware. 
  • Based on the scan result, you can remove the virus using the basic antivirus features.

Steps to remove the virus 

  • You have to search for the right Antivirus software for your device based on its operating system and functionality.
  • After finding the efficient Antivirus software, download it and install it on the computer.
  • Subscribe to a regular plan to keep the antivirus updated for better performance.
  • Most of the free accounts do not scan and remove the virus entirely.
  • Run the system scan using any of the scan methods. Scanning with all the scan methods will help you to detect the virus easily.