Fix: Windows 10 Not Detecting Second Monitor - Easy Steps

Windows 10 Not Detecting Second Monitor

In this section we will explain you how to fix windows 10 not detecting second monitor issue. Connecting a second monitor to your computer is one of the advanced and convenient methods or processes for many technical users, gamers etc. You can experience a larger view or different mode while connecting second or multiple monitors to your computer. It helps to enhance and improve productivity as it enlarges the view or workspace for the multitasking workers or creators. It will be difficult if you are facing issues like being unable to connect or detect a second monitor on your Windows 10 PC. It is one of the common factors caused due to malfunctioning cables, updating improperly, etc. Let us see how to fix second monitor not detected on windows 10.

Steps To Fix Windows 10 Does Not Detect The Second Monitor

Restart Your Device

Before performing any technical troubleshooting, try restarting your Windows 10 device. Restarting helps enable the program from the sleep mode and allows the program to detect the second monitor on your computer.

Rollback Your Display Driver

If the restarting process doesn’t fix the windows 10 not detecting second monitor problem, then try rolling back your display driver as some would face this issue only after updating the driver. So using the previous version of the driver will result in detecting the second monitor.

  • Go to the Start menu and search for the Device Manager.
  • Select the Device manager to open it and search and locate the Display adapters section.
  • Expand the Display adapter section by clicking on the arrow.
  • Right-click on the Display adapter option and click on the Properties.
  • Choose the Driver tab and select Rollback driver to get back the previous driver.
  • If no Roll back driver is there, reinstall the display driver and make sure the second monitor gets detected on your Windows 10.

Reinstall the driver

If the above method doesn’t work, then try reinstalling the driver to get the second monitor detected, as improper installation would also cause windows 10 not detecting second monitor issue. So try reinstalling the display driver.

  • Go to the Device manager and select the Display adapter section.
  • Click on the arrow button to expand the driver adapter section and choose the Display adapter.
  • Right-click on the Display adapter and then choose Uninstall.
  • Select Delete the driver software and click Uninstall.
  • Now, your device asks you to restart the computer. Wait until the restart process gets complete.
  • Again go to the Device manager>> Display adapter. Expand Display adapter, right-click on the display adapter and click Update the driver.
  • Wait until the driver gets updated and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Hopefully, now you have fixed windows 10 not detecting second monitor issue.

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