How To Fix Windows 10 Sleep Mode Not Working Issue?

Windows 10 Sleep Mode Not Working

You can make use of the sleep mode to prevent your computer from wasting power. But, sometimes, the sleep mode may fail due to various reasons. However, when you diagnose the exact cause, you can fix the issue without much effort. If Windows 10 sleep mode not working on your computer, this article can help you resolve the issue. Try out all the troubleshooting techniques mentioned below and fix the problem.

Check The System Drivers

  • If the sleep mode on your Windows 10 computer fails to work, you need to check whether your system drivers are up-to-date; especially the chipset, network, BIOS, and audio drivers.
  • It’s also important to update your Windows 10 computer to the latest version.
  • To update the drivers, navigate to the Device Manager section. Right-click on each driver and choose the Update driver option. Once you have updated the drivers, check whether you have resolved the issue.

Check The Power Requests

  • The drivers installed on your computer may interfere with your computer’s sleep mode by sending the power requests. Through these power requests, these drivers will keep the system awake.
  • To check all the power requests on your computer, press the Windows and X keys simultaneously and select Command Prompt (Admin).
  • In the Command Prompt window, type powercfg – requests. It will show you the list of all power requests. You can fix it by adding “requestsoverride” to each process. For example (powercfg -requestsoverride PROCESS “synergyc.exe” SYSTEM).

Follow the below methods to know more on fixing Windows 10 sleep mode not working issue.

Run The Power Troubleshooter

  • When you have customized the power plan for multiple tasks, it may result in sleep mode-related problems.
  • A power troubleshooter can help you fix the issues by reconfiguring the settings. To do that, go to Settings and choose Update & Security followed by Troubleshoot. Then, select Advance Troubleshooter and click the Power option.
  • Now, the power troubleshooter will give you detailed information on all the significant problems along with the respective solutions.

Restart Your Computer In Safe Mode

  • The sleep mode issue on your Windows 10 computer might have been caused due to complications between the hardware and software. However, you can fix the issue by restarting your Windows 10 computer in safe mode.
  • Now, check whether the sleep mode is working on your Windows 10 computer.

If you cannot resolve the Windows 10 sleep mode not working issue yet, get back to us for remote assistance.