Windows Defender Opposed To Another Antivirus Program?

Windows Defender was not really good many years back. It was not secure enough to protect all PCs from viruses and malware. However, Microsoft has turned it into quite a decent free antivirus over the past few years. As examples, you can see that the sandboxing and the cloud-based malware protection features have been included in the Windows Defender package. When testing was done, Windows Defender failed to block many instances of malware. And Microsoft does not roll out enough updates to this software. In other words, we can state that there are no regular or frequent updates for Windows Defender. Even though it is quite good as a basic free antivirus, Windows Defender, by itself, is not sufficient to protect your PC. There are a lot of other free antiviruses out there. The question that Windows users keep asking regularly is Windows Defender Opposed To Another Antivirus Program,

Windows Defender Opposed To Another Antivirus Program

“How does Windows Defender perform when compared to other free antiviruses?”

In other words, “How does Windows Defender score when all the other free antiviruses are taken into consideration?” According to Microsoft, you need to have another antivirus program installed on your computer. For complete protection of your PC, this is essential. Therefore, if you have only Windows Defender on your computer and some virus sneaks into your system, Microsoft is not going to help you. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, Microsoft has worked really hard over the past few years to improve and enhance Windows Defender in several ways. For instance, the software has now got the following features:

  • Real-time threat detection
  • A cloud-based virus protection library
  • Parental controls
  • Firewall

However, there are some limitations to the features described above. One area in which Windows Defender lags is the absence of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It does not come with an integrated password manager. Another factor is that it is a bit challenging to navigate for first-time users. One positive thing is that you can use Windows Defender along with another antivirus software if you wish to make your malware protection much more secure. Let see that the Windows Defender Opposed To Another Antivirus Program?

Windows Defender versus TotalAV:

  • TotalAV is pretty easy to use and includes the PC optimization feature, which is already better than your Windows Defender. The Junk Cleaner feature is also commendable. While TotalAV does not actually offer real-time protection for free, you can always upgrade to its paid version.
  • We can conclude by saying that TotalAV is a good and efficient tool, and you can utilize it in conjunction with Windows Defender for your PC’s best protection.

Windows Defender versus Kaspersky:

  • Kaspersky includes a range of free PC cyber-security tools that make it much better than Windows Defender. The malware scanner that’s available in Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is really efficient and very useful.
  • Windows Defender also has a cloud-based feature, but it is not as fast or lightweight as Kaspersky’s.
  • Yet another winning factor is that Kaspersky is a lot more frequently updated when compared to Windows Defender.
  • Therefore, we can conclude that Kaspersky is a much better choice.
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Windows Defender versus Avira:

  • Avira’s free version offers real-time malware protection, zero-day threat detection, an integrated firewall, a free VPN along with 500 MB of data for a month, and browser-based phishing protection features.
  • Avira’s malware scanner is way better than that of Windows Defender. Using Avira’s Custom scan options, you can scan only specific malware like rootkits and ransomware. Avira Prime offers USB scanning, whereas Windows Defender already provides external device scanning. So, Avira needs to include this feature in its free software.
  • To conclude, the malware scanning engine and the real-time detection feature in Avira have performed far better in tests, as compared to Windows Defender. However, Avira’s downside is that it misses some of the key features like USB scanning. So, we can say that Avira will act as a good complement to Windows Defender.
  • So, that’s where Windows Defender stands when compared to other free antivirus programs. The bottom line is, you need to be aware of the addition or deletion of features in Windows Defender and other antivirus software. You have to pick the most suitable antivirus program for your computer and use it along with Windows Defender. This combination will guarantee your PC’s optimal protection.
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