Windows Defender Smartscreen

Windows Defender Antivirus Smartscreen

Windows Defender SmartScreen feature will protect your system from malware. It protects you from opening a website that could lead to malware attack and downloading potentially malicious files. Some benefits of the SmartScreen application are listed below.

  • Anti-phishing & anti-malware support.
  • Reputation-based URL & app protection.
  • Operating system integration.
  • Improved heuristics & diagnostic data.
  • Management through Group Policy & Microsoft Intune.
Windows Defender Smartscreen

Configure Windows Defender's Smartscreen

To configure the Windows Defender SmartScreen application, read the procedures given below.

  • You can enable or disable the SmartScreen Configure feature manually.
  • If you enable the SmartScreen Configure feature using the Warn & prevent bypass option, then a warning message will appear on the screen whenever you log into the malware website or supposed to download the malware file.
  • At the same time, if you enable only the Warn option, then a warning message will appear on the screen alerting the user that the app appears to be suspicious. Users can choose to run the application anyway.
  • If you disable the configure policy, then the Windows Defender feature will be turned Off for all the users.
  • A warning message will appear on the system screen if you try to run suspicious apps from the internet.
  • If you forget to configure the Windows Defender policy, then the SmartScreen option will be enabled by default.

Windows Defender Antivirus SmartScreen Enable

To enable the Windows Defender Smartscreen feature on your system, follow the instructions given below.

  • Click the Start menu, type Windows Defender in the search field to launch it on your system.
  • Click the App & browser control option.
  • Select the Block option from the Check apps & files section.
  • Click the Radio button next to the Block option on the SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge section.
  • Similarly, on the SmartScreen for Windows Store apps section, click the Radio button beside the Warn option.

How to Disable Windows Defender Security Smartscreen?

Make use of the procedure given below to disable the Windows Defender SmartScreen.

  • First, launch the Windows Defender Security Center on your computer. It will be available in the Start menu or the taskbar.
  • Find the App and Browser Control button available on the left pane of the window.
  • Go to the Check Apps and Files section and tap the Off button.
  • From the Microsoft Edge section, click the Off in the SmartScreen option.
  • Disable the SmartScreen for Windows Store Apps also. The SmartScreen is now disabled successfully.

Windows Defender Antivirus Smartscreen Prevents An Unrecognized App From Starting

Follow these guidelines to fix issues related to ESET online scanner on your computer.

  • The Smartscreen might sometimes stop running the applications that you trust.
  • It displays an error message saying that running a particular application might put the PC at risk.
  • If you can trust the app you are trying to run, then click on the More Info option.
  • Tap the Run Anyway button on the next screen to run the application.
  • You can also disable the SmartScreen temporarily to run the application you want.
  • To do so, go to Start and search for Window Defender. Click on it to launch it on your system.
  • Click the App & Browser Control icon and highlight the checkbox near the Off option under Check Apps and Files section.
  • Save the changes and check if you are able to run the application.

Windows Defender Smartscreen Is Unreachable

If ESET Personal Firewall stops working on your computer, follow these guidelines to fix it.

  • The first step is to check if the SmartScreen is enabled on your system.
  • Press the Windows key and the R key together. Key in ms-settings:windowsdefender in the Run box and tap the Enter key.
  • The Windows Security menu of the Settings app will open on your system.
  • Click the Open Windows Defender Security Center option on the Windows Security window.
  • Select the App & Browser Control option. Check if the Warn option checkbox is highlighted under the Check Apps and Files, SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge, and SmartScreen for Microsoft Store sections.
  • Reboot the system after modifying the settings.
  • Next, check if the SmartScreen is under maintenance. If so, it will work properly only after the maintenance period is over.
  • Disable the proxy server and check if the issue resolves. Open the Run dialog box and type ms-settings:networkproxy. Tap Enter and the Proxy tab will open.
  • Under the Manual Proxy Setup section, use the slider bar to turn it off
  • In the Run dialog box, specify ms-settings:otherusers and tap the Enter button.
  • The Family & Other People menu of the Accounts menu will open on your system.
  • Click on the Add Someone Else to this PC option and then choose the I Don't Have This Person’s Sign-In Information option.
  • Key in the credentials of the user in the Let’s Create Your Account section.
  • Once you create the account, sign out from this account. From the Start menu of your system, select the Sign Out option.
  • Log in with the new account you have created. Check if the Windows Defender Smartscreen issue has been resolved.